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a date with Jack

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I'm late

like that crazy rabbit

bobbing along the groovy hole

every hop another glance at the watch

ever watchful

every glance

a hop every tiring tick

keeping a deathly beat that all hears

every moment closer

every breath shorter

I'm later

later than previous

still late later

ever keeping the soothing pace

every moment closer

every breath warmer

still too late

I'm sleeping in bouncing with the King

not that other ones,

the one true King ... of all ... that Grand Ol'BluesBoy ... or BB to mere mortals

the magic dimension of digital reality in reality Granpabby of Blues

the sunrise is just another blatant showing off

a sympathy of clouds ... a slow whisper of lost thrills

still the sun does it all for me ... with a sunset later if patient

and knows a chase till the end

the sun ... it gives all to me


a mocking echo in the caverns of that corner of the heart


to be free

to be alone

still much too late

I'll need a day in with the Duke

jazzying up the soothe, no heart to move

I don't think i'll hold up well to ol'smokin' Jim

I swear i can see the rains of Alabama outside my window

just too late

a lifetime of muses wont change nothing

better stay somewhere than anywhere anymore

where better than where here is ?

the rabbit into either one of the neither

ever late

a pace ever behind now

still in lonesomeness

all Baroque forget the colors

just a morning swim in the Blues

ever now here

eternally never late

all in time never behind

time in all moments

rabbit ever still

frozen in tick

freeze in tock

I'm late

still the rabbit said

I just replied

"I'm here to see Jack"

Jack's not here

Jack's not here anymore

BB just sang "Jack you dead"

still I'm here on a date with Jack

Jack's here

Jack's not just here anymore

~third_eye @SHaYAP©

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BB's still the King...well done.....and that is Alabama rain...//////////

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Very good :tu:

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