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Scientists look for aliens on the moon

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Looks like the good folk at China's space program are trying to make this enterprise a whole lot easier than it is now....


And look at all those Quick food stir-fry places all over the place on the moon already ! There goes my plan for a Texas B.B.Q stand ! Duhh ! :wacko:

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That's no moon. It's a space station.

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Technology has been moving too fast for us to even keep up for the past decade, yet we haven't been to the moon in 43 years. Weird huh? Unlessss

Ok so if man invents his own technology, how come he cant keep up with what he's inventing? :wacko:

maybe we never went again to the moon coz theres F-A there worth going for!! (or as conspiracists like to believe, we have been been back, many times, and built our own bases! ha!)

I think the focus on Mars took the energy away from the moon, we been there , done that, now lets move on.

If you went to a bar for a drink, found it deserted of folk, no music, no other drinkers, no-one but the barman whose morose and not willing to engage you in banter, would you bother going there again?

Its not all conspiracy is it?

Sometimes its just sense. We went to the moon solely to beat the Russians in the cold war era of showing off our technology over theres..

remember the speech, "we go to the moon, not because its easy, but because its hard", or something like that...

they never said they will go look for life! Or expect to find any! They wil go coz its beat the russians.

They won that race, but they never stopped running, Mars became a bigger objective, and the one most likely to have life now or past!

So why go to the moon? Leave that now to the Indians, Japanese and Chinese.

If you're interested in the possibility of life, past or present on the moon, all well and good. I too like to read all the theories about it, the bases, the towers, the hoagland type stuff.. but thats all I do...just read it, with an open mind.

As I said in another post, why would anyone want to settle on a rock with little or no atmosphere to protect from the very intense radiation, no food water, sweet FA? Intellingent beings will choose places like earth or mars no? They gotta eat and survive just as we all do! The key word being intelligent beings! Would you rather try living in a desert devoid of life, or in a forest full of it?

But the people who plan the missions, lets say its just NASA, ARE keen to find life! They are actively searching for it, like us all! Except they got the technology and we got forums!! So 'we' will never know about life in the universe, ever, until 'they' do!

Thats why the mars rovers carry sensors designed to 'trace evidence of life', they dont keep that a secret do they? That they 'want' to find life?

I think the web is a good medium and bad one, as theres all kinds of theories and websites with their own paranoid agenda's, which when folk read, they BELIEVE it all...without running it thru the BS detector many times, they just read, and think- 'thats sounds right' and then never look back!

Really want to know whats on the moon? get a powerful telescope, or use someone elses in an astronomy club! I bought one to check the moon out, after a few months and a stiff neck I now dont bother..never saw any bases, canyons, anythinb at all anomalous.

Except once at xmas, when I did see some reindeer fly by it pulling something behind them!

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Volunteers are being recruited to help look through thousands of images of the moon's surface.

I think the next few decades is when things get interesting.

Earth has had the signature of life for billions of years so its entirely plausible that aliens may have been monitoring our planet before humans even evolved. Searching our Solar System for probes is a good idea and the Moon a perfect place to start as it offers the vantage point where the whole world can be monitored.

There may also be some surprirses waiting for us. What do we do if we find remains of past human civilization scattered around the Solar System?

We might be on the verge of discovering some kind of alien council inhabits our galaxy. One which lets life evolve but then performs a Judgement Day on it when a space-faring civilization arises. Maybe ancient homids failed the test once so the Solar System got purged of the 'corrupt'. Maybe we are Earths 2nd attempt at a space-faring civilization and the guy sat in the alien council (God) will soon be passing Judgement on us?

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What do we do if we find remains of past human civilization scattered around the Solar System?

well good question, but past human civilisation? I dont think humans or their remains will be found..

the following vid -allegedly from a secret Apollo 20 mission that DID INDEED find alien artifacts, a ship, writing, AND AN ALIEN.. liked to think of a dreadlocked oriental woman as an alien

FFW to 4.20 for the alien

Now dont get your panties in a bunch its clearly a fake vid.

WE wont ever find this evidence, the authorities will and if they tell us, (and why shouldnt they), I think it will be treated the same way as most archeolgical artifacts are treated today.

Excavation, all kinds of specialists called in. Especially anthropologists etc, (assuming they could fund sending those types of people to the place things were found. Bringing back to earth the exhibits...millions going to see the exhibits (once they'd been cleared for public viewing).. and lots of gasping in either terror or joy - by joe public.

T-shirt makers having a field day with something new to put on their shirts and sell us

And great excitement!

But then if its just the 'remains' of a civilisation, ie: buildings etc, they can only view it as archeologists would study tombs in egypt today.

The implications of the find though, may REALLY be kept secret, or may be rejoiced and shouted loudly.

Would it affect our lives much? Im not sure, us anomaly lovers will be buzzing of course...

But the bigger question is, what will happen if we found the living civilisation...???

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