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Transpersonal Crisis (Spiritual Emergence)

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According to trusted advisors, I seem to be going through a Transpersonal Crisis (Spiritual Emergence). I guess it's why I've been having out of body experiences and have been astral projecting (which has been rather exciting, actually).

My question is, during a transpersonal crisis or spiritual emergence, from what I've read, it may be a sign or cause of increasing psychic ability. I'm wondering if anyone would have had experience with this, or may happen to know.

Also - I'm not sure if this is related or not, but I seem to have a higher sense of electricity in my body. I'm constantly shocking my friends when I touch them (you know those tiny sparks and shocks you can get when rubbing your feet on carpet and touching someone?) but mine just happen ordinarily. Also quite frequently when I walk under street lights, they turn off. It's not every time, but enough to make me notice. It's happened since I was young. Not sure if any of those are related.

Thank you! :blush:

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Posted (edited)

in.....i want to say 2001,i had been having an issue with a coworker,who happened to be Nigerian.

Nigeria is the birthplace of voodoo,more or less.

The congo is alleged to team with original spirits.

In any case,i was a witch ,but she was doing group rituals on me ,with her aunt and brother.

She was a vile person .

We all knew it was her,and she was killing the cats in the work parking lot,i cared for,just to upset me.

My other witch pals,had seen things ,that confirmed what she was doing to me.

I found weird coconut fetishes ,with black hair on them,where the cats slept.

One cat they mutilated.

I had a gutted dead pigeon sacrifice placed on my car windshield,in true voodoo fashion .

She was evil .

I acutally made mince meat of her.

She would say ,"you cant do anything to me little white girl, i come from the source".

Very cocky

They attacked me psychically,no less than 3 times,with the same results every time.

I had no problem dealing with them. By the time i was done with miss,im from the source, she was afraid of me ....


However,all magick of this kind,leaves residuals.Its dark ,and feels that way .

I felt as if i was burdened.

I waa mildly psychic ,most of my life,but i had not seen anything,since i was a child.

At this time,i met my padrino,who i began to study with .

In his estimation,i had been cursed so many times,just by nasty people,not necissarily with magick(but that had been done a lot too ),i was lucky to be alive.

He said i needed a cleansing .A major one.

So he did a ritual on me, that lasted about 3 hours.

when it was over, i was exhausted,and he had burned some things,that left images,that told a story.

Ugly images. At least 5 of them.

In any case,when i went home that night , my cats didnt recognise me,

They looked at me like ,who the hell are you ?

Seriously .

Thats when i realized that demons actually attach themselves to us.

I looked like i had all kinds of bizarre attachments on my body,to an animal.

This is my own thinking on it.

What i noticed ,is i felt odd.LIke my body felt weird.

other people i know who had done this,told me to expect this feeling.

You literally feel,lighter .

But...what also happened was,is it seemed like my third eye opened.

This is when i started seeing all kinds of things,other people cannot see.

My padrino told me,that bad spirits strive to keep us ignorant,especially of them being near.

So if they are all over you (this is when they whisper in your ear mind you .People who hear them,are not crazy.Its totally scary),they cloud your gifts.

I have been clairvoyanyt all my life,and had no idea how strong it was,until 2001.

I dont know how they block our gifts. I

never even asked padrino,but now that they were gone,it was like a fog had lifted for me,on astral/metaphysical plane.

i was visited by a host of things,that may have always been there,but i could not see before.

Animals,deities,quick visions,prophetic dreams,strong intuitions.Some of these things are not nice,but seeing them easily,you can tell them to F off immediately .

Ive had visitations from deities i never even thought about before .They ususally bring messages you need .

Im not sure my experience is like the one youre having now,but let me know if you experience any of this.This was how it was for me.

I do not feel the electricity thing,but i easily move chi .I can touch another persons arm,and send energy to their head,chest,and they feel it .

Edited by Simbi Laveau

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