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Still Waters

Police to re-examine evidence of psychics

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I would suspect you are probably very correct. Which is very sad to say.

The website I linked to above is very interesting.

The car that was rented 25 days after she was reporting missing by the parents provided several dna samples. A blood one which was 80% likely to be hers and a 100% match on one which was decomposition fluids.

Sniffer dogs trained to detect dead bodies indicated one had been in the car, one had been in the flats living room, the parents bedroom, some of the childs clothing also smelt of death and finally one of her soft toys. Witnesses had reported the car boot being left open for several days to air it.

The Portugeuse Police went to a Court session with a Judge that decides whether to prosecute. There is a secrecy order in place preventing the parents knowing all what was discussed.

During interview the parents kept changing their story, there were a lot of strange contradictions, they behaved strange, their friends accounts also seemed made up, there is evidence that the parents knew the paedophile originally suspected before the abduction and most shockingly over here in England another doctor went to the police about them which was kept secret from the media and Portugeuse police.

A doctor that knew the family and had socialised with them a few times in the past reported paedophilla comments they had made to the Police when the child went missing.

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I have been a fan of this web site for a long time and now I feel I need to comment on this thread.

Where I live we had a case where a little girl was kidnapped her name is Tori Stafford. She was part of a very aggressive police search. Prior to being found I knew who killed her, where she was berried, where she would be found and how she was killed. At one point I mentioned it to others and told them what I knew. I had seen it all prior to her being found.

I regret deeply that I did not go to the police after all how could they believe me and after all how would the even believe it without thinking I did it since I knew so much about it.

I told this story to a friend who is a cop after the fact and she was upset with me for not letting her know earlier.

I was not looking for money or fame just wanted to help and felt bad about the case. I was told by my friend that if this happens again that I come straight to her and tell her.

I as of late found out that I have more connections to the case that I did not know about at the time. For example my partner went to the same school as the father of Tory. Also that one of the killers babysat for a close friend of mine 6 months prior to this event and that they did not want her to continue doing so as she was heavily into drugs.

I do not expect anyone here to believe me just that I needed to say that sometimes we know things and we should all pay attention to it as it may just be right.

I know the tragic incident you are speaking of. In fact the woman that took Tori was known to the family and the little girl, which is probaby why she went with her in the first place. The video at the school clearly shows that. As for your knowing things and fear of saying anything I understand well. People label you crazy or attention seeking, and sometimes you even doubt your self. I had a dream of one little girl who went missing in another city well over 30 years ago. I was pregnant at the time with my daughter. I even wrote the dream down with some illustrations. The girl's name was Tanya Murrell. I dreamt that a woman took her and re named her Nancy. The woman was older and heavy set with very plain features . I felt the child was taken not too far from the school. What do you do in such a case? Go to the police and tell them you had a 'dream? A few years later in the same city at a shopping mall someone tried to abduct a little boy but the father intervened. The composite drawing was made of the woman and in the paper. Believe it or not it looked just like the woman in my previous dream only difference was that she was now wearing glasses. Creepy. I felt also that the case would eventually be solved but many many years later. Like you it has bothered me for years that I did not say anything to anyone other than friends and family. Who would have taken me seriously?

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