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Suspected London Terror Plot Busted

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Video Info -

LONDON (AP) - London police have detained two British Muslim converts on suspicion of terror offenses Thursday, a U.K. security official told The Associated Press.

The official, who spoke only on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly, said it wasn't clear whether the arrests were related to the upcoming Olympic Games. Security is tight ahead of the London games, which begin on July 27.



Operation Blackjack (Raid Slide)


M6 Toll Closure


Operation Blackjack (MI5 Slide)


Current MI5 Terror Threat Level


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Normally I'm skeptical of this "False Flag" notion, but I do think this is very obviously a demonstration by the Security Services of how Macho they can be and to Show to the World that the "Cameron" Government is prepared for the olympics and all the other macho tosh that Governments come out with. The thing is, they don't need to stage an actual "false flag" operation, since they can do what they want to do- keep the People (or so they hope) in a state of fear- just by all this bunkum. Of course, they probably don't realise that the vast majority of people don't take any of it remotely seriously, apart (perhaps) from "Concerned" members of the Public (i.e., if they did actually exist, some paranoid racist nut who cringes in fear whenever they see anyone of non-European descent.)

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The M6 fiasco was a farce!

all i saw in the papers yesturday was how many "suspected terrorists" were busted and how great the police,

anti terror units etc are.

Just a flexing of the muscles, jokes really.

cant agree with 747400 more.

Thanks OP!

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