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spud the mackem

Illegal Immigrants poem

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I came across ocean stoney broke..Take bus to see Employment folk...Nice man treat me good in there...Say I need to see Welfare...Welfare say you come no more...we send cash right to your door...By and by there's plenty money...Thanks to you Taxpayer dummy...Write to friends in motherland...Tell them come fast as you can...They come in turbans in ford trucks...Bye big house with welfare bucks...14 families moving in...Neighbours patience wearing thin...Finally neighbour moves away...So I bye his house then I say...Find more immigrants for house to rent...In the yard I put a tent...Everything is very good...soon we own the neighbourhood...We have hobby,its called Breeding...Welfare pay for baby feeding....Taxpayer crazy,work all year...To keep welfare running here..If no like us you can scram...Loads of room in Afghanistan

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