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Ever Learning

never ending story

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Thought id put the never ending story together, Um members have created a weird story.

There once was an ugly hobbit

who spoke Golin

and gathered his flying monkey minions

to find frozen seals and seagulls

to eat their firey hot livers with barbeque sauce

and dill pickles.

Their slobbery lips quivered with anticipation

it was dark

so they decided

to walk into

a firy abyss

glowing eyes reflecting

off the shiny

silver breast plate

walking again, he

drew his weapon

and slayed the

bill cosby clone

He walked towards

a pile of glowing, red, embers

pile of dung

there's sustenance ahead!

doing back flips

why oh why

he got tired


and eat pickles

until your breath

turns to fire

burning your nipples

And He Saw

blue flashing lights

descending from above

blinding his vision

a deep inhalation

nitrous oxide yummy

Oh! a UFO!

he ran, screaming

and stupidly fell

picked himself up

and killed a

gerbil with pills

Alienated Emo's Felt

stupified with happyness.

turned to remorse

And unending sorrow

he turned to

a little boy

that came by

and he asked

"Why so much pain?"

To this the boy removed a latex mask to reveal he was in fact Ziggy Stardust.

With a rapid, skull-crunching headbutt, Ziggy killed him.

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LOL who the hell put 'burning your nipples' on there? xD

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