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Pink Elephant

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Pink Elephant

I am the pink elephant in the room

Pay no attention to me

The less I'm spoken of the bigger I get

Yet you can't see me

Or at least that's the suggestion played

As people gather for this ball

Many come in to dance about

But this elephant clings against the wall

I do no harm

Other than the fact that I exist

I do not know how others feel

But I have always felt like this

And though I rarely say a word

Somehow I am always in the way

If I had my own choice I'd disappear

To a place that's always safe

Yet that is no way to operate

It's something that can't be done

So while pink elephants may be kept unseen

There is always the stench of their dung


© J.F.K. IV ..... 6/12/12

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Love it...

I actually know someone who hallucinated and saw a pink elephant. We have a famous car wash in my city called Pink Elephant car wash. Neither of these statements have any impact on why I love your poem however... :) keep sharing :)

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