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Beneath A New Caress

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Beneath A New Caress


The moment that we met,

Our paths became entwined,

Our future never set

We hoped our fate be kind

We danced in smoky halls

And held each other tight

My memory still recalls

How we spent each night

Looking past my shoulder

You were always there

Time passed, we grew older

With crosses hard to bear

All those bloody battles

Were bathed in seering pain

Though tearing us apart

We stumbled on again

Now all those memories

We must carefully lock away

Waiting on the breeze

To whisper past one day

You still haunt my dreams

Drifting through my sleep

I know now what it means

I'll choose the best to keep

It's time to move along

To begin our lives anew

To remember what went wrong

And always to be true

I hope that we stay friends

To rejoice again some day

They say that time mends

And takes the pain away

So onwards to tomorrow

Let's toast to happiness

Drowning all our sorrow

Beneath a new caress

© Arcana

Edited by Arcana
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You express inner emotions so well Arcana, your words reach out and I have no doubt that others will empathise.

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Time will eventually heal most things, but it can be a long journey. Your poem is beautifully sad Arcana, if it is personal then I hope your journey will be a short one.

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