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Landing on asteroids may cause avalanches

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That is your problem. I said a robot cannot land a ship like a human can. I was not talking about the weight of the ship. I was talking about the pilot of the ship.

Yes I understood what you said. You didn't but I did.

Did you see the movie apallo thirteen. The scene in which they use the earth as a target to align the ship for its return course. The humans were bouncing that ship all over the place. The final line was we had to learn how to fly all over again. What made that manouver so hard is that there were two humans at the control, instead of one computer. If the domputer had bee up the manouver would have been smooth.

How do you manage to be so wrong so often?

  1. That scene was highly exaggerated for dramatic effect. Hollywood movies are not renowned for there scientific accuracy.
  2. Do you really think a manned mission would attempt a landing on an asteroid if it had suffered total computer failure? Just because a mission is manned it doesn't mean they will switch off the computers, or are you basing your argument on the scene in Star Wars where Luke uses the Force instead of his computer to attack the Death Star.
  3. I repeat YET AGAIN; only those forces transferred to the asteroid at the point of landing or impact will have an effect on the asteroid. Manoeuvring before landing, however rough or smooth, will have zero effect.

Everything else I said had a quilifing word in it to tell everyone who read it would know it was a guess. Just as the person who wrote the article. Did.

No it didn't. I quoted EXACTLY what you said and highlighted the definite words you used.

Your problem is I am a high school drop out

No, my problem is that you post stuff that is wrong over and over again. Then (despite the links provided) rather than have the integrity to admit you are wrong, or even the common-sense to check to see if you are wrong, you argue by posting even more bull.

and you have a phd and I am ableto keep up with you. Altho my ablet cannot keep up with me on these long posts

Which part of the following didn't you understand?

There you go with making up stuff again. I do not have a PhD, nor have I ever claimed to have one.

and I am ableto keep up with you.

Really? You carry on believing it if it makes you happy.

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Welcome to UM ImMike. Keep your eyes and ears open and you can learn some neat things here. There are some extremely clever and sharp folk hereabouts!

Thanks :)

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