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Firemen race to Duchess of Cambridge’s Home

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  • Frantic call made after family dog got head caught in a gate
  • Five firefighters despatched to Bucklebury Manor to free the dog

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well, wasn't THAT a waste of time, manpower, resources, and ratepayers money.

five firemen, an appliance, and for what, to be told they weren't needed because they'd freed the dog themselves?

it's not like she would've been home alone either is it? loads of security & staff knocking around with their thumbs up their collective asses, and she didn't think to see if any of them could've done the job, which they obviously DID do, as i can't imagine her getting her own hands dirty.

maybe they'll think next time, instead of jumping on the phone to the emergency services.

but i doubt it.


(i can imagine just how "immediate" the dispatch was too when they heard the address.....)

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