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Big Bad Voodoo

Libya in anarchy two years after NATO

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In 2011 when Muhammar Qaddafi refused to leave quietly as ruler of Libya, the Obama Administration, hiding behind the skirts of the French, launched a ferocious bombing campaign and a “No Fly” zone over the country to aid the so-called fighters for democracy. The US lied to Russia and China with help of the (US-friendly) Gulf Cooperation Council about the Security Council Resolution on Libya and used it to illegally justify the war. The doctrine, “responsibility to protect” was used instead, the same doctrine Obama wants to use in Syria. It’s useful to look at Libya two years after the NATO humanitarian intervention.


Ladies and gents, dear Umers, I proudly post this news. Not because contest (although is good) but because who wrote it.

Man that dont need introduction. But nevertheless, imho, he is guardian of human souls, fighter for humanity and one of the greatest historian and economist of all time. His words are treasure. One and only:

:nw: William Engdahl :nw:

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And on the link to site Voltaire an interesting article by Gennady Zyuganov about the Syria crisis and the creation of "victims" to be forcibly Westernised.

And on Libya, I notice, or rather have not noticed, any mention in the media, to my knowledge, of the attack on the Russian embassy in Libya. This attack, likely by "friends of Syrian rebels", was succesfully repulsed with force. These scum forgot that Russians tend to fight back with greater strength and ferocity than they are attacked with. A hard lesson for these terrorists that they should not forget.

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