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Still Waters

Are Humans Reversing Cat Domestication?

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When your cat sees a stranger, does he come and snuggle close or hiss and run away?

Whether a feline friend is a lap cat or a claws-out kitty is largely affected by their socialization as young kittens. But at least part of cats' friendliness may be in their genes. And the widespread practice of spaying or neutering cats before they are adopted may be inadvertently selecting for aloof cats, by ensuring the friendliest animals don't reproduce, one researcher says.

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They do it when they are far too young. I understand they don't want anyone accidentally breeding, but altering them so early does thus, as well as the fat and that their immune systems are not fully developed, and they are prone to illness.

I would know this well, because I had three people insist upon this, at barely eight weeks old, and all three of these cats have ha all kinds of bizarre illnesses.

I adopted all three in 2009,and only one is still alive.

One contracted FIP, unknown cause, and one developed a bizarre nervous tick that eventually took over her entire body.

The third of these animals always has a nasal issue, and he's very skidding.

High strung and afraid to be held. I've never had these issues with animals until this.

I think waiting until at least six months is prudent. Even older is better, but if the boys get frisky, I do it when it just has to be done.

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