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Manfred von Dreidecker

How can I stop Youtube flooding

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Since youTube improved the Comments system, I've found that if you make a comment or reply to a comment, and then someone replies to that, and then someone replies to that, they keep sending you email notifications ad infinitum, even if you've long since lost interest in what they were arguing about. Is there any way one can stop this from doing so?

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Solution 1. (recommended)

Spend significantly less time at Youtube, both viewing stuff and commenting on it. If you are crusading, that's all very commendable, but consider whether this might be you:

duty_calls.png (Image from the wonderful 'XKCD')

.. and also realise that Youtube is a haven for the insane, and those who would poke them and clap..

Solution 2.

Change your Youtube settings..


(Yes, I do, perhaps hypocritically, have a YT channel but only for the odd basic debunking video that I might wish to offer up to the unwashed masses..)

As for their laughable efforts to improve Youtube with these changes, it's about ten years too late.

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