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Still Waters

T. rex didn't need proper arms

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What if the little arms on T-rex had some kind of extensions? Perhaps as crab claws or something similar to shields on an insect. Something that disintegrates over time and therefore can not be seen on the bone fragments we find today. A bit like the shark is made out of cartilage. Therefore, we do not often find remnants of sharks. The weathering.

Strange thought. I know.

Probably unlikely. In broad terms the anatomy of all land-living vertebrates is similar - think of a bone in your body and you can usually find its equivalent in most other animals. Look at the reconstruction of T-Rex in this picture: and you can see its arms have a humerus (upper arm) joined to the shoulder and elbow, a radius and ulna which appear to be fused (lower arm), a wrist, and a hand with two fingers/claws. In other words, broadly the same as us and other vertebrates.

Yes, there may have been something extra beyond the tips of its claws which hasn't been preserved, but it would be a unique appendage when compared with animals whose hands/forepaws we can look at.

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