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Back Pain

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Hi All

A few years ago I fell, landed flat on my feet, my back compressed a couple of inches then rebounded and it gave me a crippling back ache which lasted for a few days.

I've been experiencing severe pain recently and it happened again last night. Its different from a crippling back pain and when it first occured I couldn't tell if I had a pendicitus, severe stomach bug, severe constipation, a pain ache, kidney stones or was having a heart attack. The first time it struck the pain was the worst I'd ever felt in my entire life and I was actually screaming. By spine muscles were having spasms. My diaphram and stomach muscles were so tensed I could hardly breath. It came and went over an hour in what I could only describe as contractions.

I discovered the wonders of a hot water bottle during it. Since then I get it out as soon as the problem flares up and my pains are usually gone in 15 mins.

Last night I woke up at 4.30am, my face was bright red and I had welts or mosquito bites (I couldnt tell which) all over my back and side. I went to the toilet, returned to bed and had to get straight back up due to the pains starting.

I now can't tell if I'm having some kind of allergic reaction. Something that gives me short-lived but brutal nerve pains all over my back, stomach and chest. Could it be a nut allergy? I ask because I started on oat porridge a week back (first time I've ever eaten oats) and the previous times the pains happened I'd been drinking McDonalds coffee which lists hazelnuts as an ingredient.

My doc is useless by the way.

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