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How Shadow-Dwelling Animals See in the Dark

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Creatures of the Night: How Shadow-Dwelling Animals See in the Dark

Animals that are active at night or that inhabit gloomy ocean depths do everything from hunting to finding mates to defending their territory in murky worlds where navigation seems impossible — at least to those of us who rely on an abundance of light to see.

Some animals that dwell in the dark — such as cavefish — retain only vestigial organs where their eyes used to be, and rely on other senses to survive. But many creatures that are active under dim conditions not only kept their eyes, but evolved adaptations that enable them to make the most of what little light they have.

Recent studies have found that many of these animals — among them mammals, birds, fish, insects and cephalopods — are capable of impressive visual performance in darkened habitats, seeing the world in more detail — and with more colors — than suspected, researchers have discovered.

Read more: Live Science

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