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There is no fire only smoke no panic just hop

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An angel stood in the hall and demons wanted in bed they saw but I sent both in turn to her

There is a fire inside the house
I want to burn up and away like smoke
But skip the three alarm engine or ladders
No power me just soot plus  spiritual asthma
Can't breathe slowly so I remain stressed

Time to flip for new hex of bless here is my sigil
Clarion call of a rooster in the morning
No clock no alarm like i said just walk slowly
Don't run walk and you learned yoga in public
Jail was that also chess real world no internet

It caught me but im bored with bullies
Threw fish hooks at me on the way home
Stole my bike and even called me a girls name
Guess what even sky walkers and vader
Secretly began as female but I claim neither

No sex I fill forms and now it means the act
Scared of everything but scared of nothing
I'll do the dares of youth again and eliminate
The inbetween world my first mistress formed
Last one too now i only cheat on death

I climbed a wall and got scared so harness up
Climb higher and I'll steal art and hearts again
I steal to give away priceless things to me
Accepted by some who don't know the value
All is well because I am giving and going

Open windows I'll sit on and rotten buildings
The same knowing it's a portal if framed
Demon searching and with a group of three
I'll feed you and you feed her and she feeds me
& Burn low like pilot lights I just turned mine on

I saw a dead friend and the mistress again
In a music video on my hard drive
The song was slow like cigarettes after hex
And with that beat I'll learn the flow
In kissing plants and the water

A slow coming and no mountain or horses
Just a white one I can jump over snakes with
And a Pegasus I can fall off and then a sword
Turned to a single feather I will brush the dead
And bring the ghosts who slow act and talk

Sometimes in in silence...too many words...too many clothes....too many eyes....i Just want a few as all owls who love trees...not daylight and not you in morning gloom

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Stream of consciousness writing has always been intriguing to me; I've always wanted to try it out, but have usually been too worried to. There always seems to be a deep spiritual/psychological aspect to your writing, which I admire. I still remember the outstanding response you gave me to those poems I wrote a couple weeks ago. I was wondering if you could do the same on another story I wrote?


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