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The incredible lip-syncing AI

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Researchers have developed new algorithms that can turn audio clips into realistic, lip-synced videos of the person seeming to say those words. 

The team generated highly-realistic videos of former president Barack Obama talking about terrorism, fatherhood, job creation and other topics using audio clips, weekly video addresses and even clips from when he attended Harvard Law School, that were originally on a different topic.

The system works by converting audio files of an individual's speech into realistic mouth shapes - which are then grafted onto the head of that person from another existing video. 

Read more: 

Make of it what you will or pick your poison when it comes to sources. It's going to be dangerously easy to fake videos in the near future.

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Posted (edited)

This is actually scary for the effect it will have on not just fake news but also conspiracy theories. Expect social media to be flooded with complete crap.

It's just another reason to not bother watching videos as evidence of anything. You should always read the text and check the source.

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