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Scientists 3D print living tissue

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Scientists Have Developed a New Method to 3D-Print Living Tissue

Researchers from the University of Oxford have developed a method for 3D printing tissues and organs with greater structural integrity, detail, and precision. Their technique allows for the 3D printing of more complex tissues and cartilage, which could potentially be used to repair or replace damaged parts of the body.

Cell by Cell

3D-printing technology has made significant strides over the past several years. What started as a tool for producing small objects can now be used to craft food, build houses, and even construct “space fabric.”

One of the tech’s most impressive applications, however, is the creation of artificial tissues and organs, a process known as 3D bioprinting, and now, a team of researchers from the University of Oxford has developed a new method that takes 3D bioprinting to the next level. They published their work in the journal Nature Communications.





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Can't wait for the day they figure out how to combine human and vegetables DNA.

Imagine being able to grow carrots or corn for your hair, or crops of potatoes in your armpits, or cheese.  Woman might be able to give birth to ostrich eggs...

Such tech could eliminate world hunger!

Dare to dream, dream to dare. T'is the future my friends!

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