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Russia probes kick into high gear

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On 10/15/2017 at 4:34 AM, DieChecker said:

I agree. If Trump has to go DOWN, in order for the US Presidency to have the precedent of being held responsible for what they do... to the people of the USA, then I would be in favor of it. However, I imagine EVERY politician out there will understand that would be the final result, and EVERY one of them will act against it... publicly or behind the scenes. NONE of them want to be held responsible for things they might do, or say, or promote.....

When you have the "criminals" making the laws, then they are going to resist being made to create laws preventing their own crimes.

Why do you think these people are crooks?  I think it is for money and power.  We blame those in government, because they are weak, and we should hold them accountable and remove them. But the puppetmaster pulling the strings, the devil offering up the temptations is big business.  That is the source of the money  They are who the laws enacted are designed to favor.  We need a government strong enough and honest enough to deal with big business.  Get rid of lobbyists, eliminate the so-called revolving door.  Democrats and Republicans are dancing to the same tune.   I  am cynical enough to believe I won't live to see it.  

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