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Paranormal Photograpy: Orbs and More

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Recently, I opened my inbox for submissions for analysis of photos, videos and audio recordings that readers feel may have a paranormal artifact in them. When I say the word “artifact”, I bet your mind jumped to an Indiana Jones-type of object from ancient history. Don’t deny it. It did, didn’t it? Thought so. It’s okay. My mind often does the same, making lightning fast associations that can be strange and weird, while at times astoundingly insightful.

When I say paranormal artifact, what I mean is “a manifestation of a supernatural event captured/recorded on a given technological medium.” Pictures, videos and audio recordings have been used for years as “evidence” and “proof” of the paranormal, mostly in connection with ghosts and the psychic world, but now with the explosion of paranormal drama shows and reality series, the included items also include cryptids, like Wolf Men (alleged bipedal canine predators stalking Wisconsin and the rest of the US, making for a hairy situation) or the Elder Children–(a term based on the Lakota Sioux phrase “Chiye-Tanka“)– coined by fellow researcher and Beyond the Forest Radio show host, Sanjay R Singhal RA referring to what is commonly called Bigfoot.


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