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Victorian House Haunted? Strange Sightings

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There is a large derelict house from the 1870's that faces the sea in Ireland which may be haunted.  My grandmother was the parlour maid and worked for the lady of house in the 1930's.  Before she died she said it was the best place she had ever worked.  The servants rooms were at the very top.  She said the family she worked for were very deep in spiritualism and would often seek the guidance of a spiritualist.  The house is now a derelict and was scheduled for demolition 9 years ago but developers are still fighting over the land.  After gaining permission to enter I grabbed a torch and a hard helmet and explored the dark hallways.  The house was a wedding present for the wealthy lady and master of the house.  Almost all of the past owners died in the house and has been left abandoned for many years.





To start of - I saw something behind the broken window.  Does anyone know what that is?




As I approached I saw an old rusty garden roller.  My grandmother was a keen gardener.  I wonder if she used this back in the 1930's.



Through the open door.  It was so dark I had to be careful where I walked.  My grandmother probably had to scrub that floor every day.



Night vision on.  Must be near the servants hall.



I took a photo using the flash.  Looks like somebody is wanted in bedroom 4.



A kitchen door.  A really cold feeling in this room.



Looking up.  I took another photo.  The room is falling apart.



I walked further into the hall way and heard a crunching sound at my feet.  I looked down and took this photo.



Approaching the main living room.



Total darkness.  I used the flash on the camera and saw a beautiful wooden fireplace and chandelier.





Approaching the staircase.  Shame it will all be demolished soon.



Wonder who might be up there?





This is when things got strange.  I saw a beautiful red butterfly perched on the landing of the staircase.  It was so wonderful to look at and so full of life.  I was nervous in case there were squatters hiding inside or if the staircase might collapse, but when I saw that butterfly with its red wings spread out, it looked so vibrant in the sunlight.  It made me feel calm and at peace.  I immediately took a photo of it and I carefully walked up the staircase.  Here comes the strangest thing.  As I prepared to take the next photo the battery warning flashed on my camera and it automatically turned off.  This did not make any sense because the batteries were new.  I tried to use the camera on the floor above but it wouldn't let me.  I luckily had more batteries in my pocket and after a short pause I was able to use the camera again, but the bad thing was it said the previous file was corrupted and it wouldn't show.  That was the photo of the butterfly!  I was annoyed but I had to continue.

Climbing higher.




I got a very uncomfortable feeling about this part of the house and I avoided it.  Something in my mind just told me not to go this way.



I realized it was too dangerous to go any further.



I stopped here and decided to turn back.




When I went down stairs I retraced my steps and found the exact spot where the butterfly was sitting.  The most bizarre thing was, it was mummified!  It was dead and appeared to be dead for many years.  Its wings were dark brown and partially flaked off as if it had been sitting there dead for many years.  This deeply troubled me.  How could it be alive and show me the most beautiful red wings which glowed heavenly one minute, and yet a few minutes later it looked like it had been dead for 50 years, and why did the sight of the red butterfly when it was alive for that brief moment give off such a warm and comforting feeling?


The events above took place about 4 years ago.  The building is now locked up and the foundations for the new property are almost in place.  Yet I still think about that red butterfly to this day.  Also, any ideas what that was behind the broken window?



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The architecture of the house looks more Italianate than Victorian.  At any rate, it is a cool house.  Thanks for sharing.

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Welcome to UM,

1. Nice photos of an old house.

2. I'm not buying the red butterfly bit at all. If it were true then maybe it was the same 'mummified' butterfly. If it did like to land there, why would it be so weird if it died there?

3. The 'something in the broken window bit', you can't see anything from your photo. It could be any different kind of interior feature.

This reads very much like a Creepypasta.

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