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Maak Shelter - Namibia

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(188 miles northwest of Windhoek)

In 1917, during a topographical mission, an engineer named Maak discoverdd on the side of Mt Brandberg a painted shelter.

The paintings depict a procession of people, led by women. hey are of mediterranean type and their elegance and posture ae similar to those of the figures depicted in Egyptian frescoes. The figures have nothing in common with the aborigines of southern Africa.

The procession is dominated by a woman, known as the White Lady, dressed in skin-tight shorts like the Cretan bull-fighting girls, and carryng a lotus flower. She and her companions hold bows, and thier wrists are protected by gauntlets. They all wear boots and some have red hair and fair complexions.

In Rhodesia there are similar paintings. It would seem that travellers or invaders may have come from the north east of Africa to the southern areas. In one of the decorated shelters archaeological material has been uncovered enabling the painting to be dated to about 5000BC, which was still in the age of prehistory in Egypt. However, the Egyptians are considered by some authorities to be a branch of the ancient Libyan peoples.

Perhaps another branch emigrated southwards?


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