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Haunting Report

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Yes me too , has experinced haunting, ghoast, and

demon in my life time.  On a personal leavle .  

Whats going on as of late is a haunting , a woman

that stays  in my upstairs hallway.  She does not

bother any one , but I feel she is looking doun at

me and peeking at me both if that makes any  sence.

No one has seen her except me and my twenty-one

year old son. It freaks evey one out, me ,,, well

the one is tame.  I just don't want any windows nearves can't take like I use to .

I am  a fourty  year old that  had her first

sighting at five .  What I know is when i pray ,

the evil has to go, but what does she want?  Usally

when I see her, she runs away, then when I am not

looking she comes back...

Do you have any input into this?

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