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The Bender Family

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Weary travellers would stop at the Bender shack to rest or to get a meal. They did not suspect that behind the curtain which divided the room in two, there was a male member of the murderous family waiting to crush their skull in. After the Father or brother would crack the traveller over the head, the daughter Kate would slit their throats. The family would then strip the dead of their valuables and then throw them into a pit.

In 1873, they were questioned about the dissapearances. Thinking the jig was up, they fled. In the shack, the authorities found a trap door under the beds. This held no bodies but did contain a layer of bloody ooze along the bottom. When they dug up the backyard, they found six graves each containing one body each. In the seventh grave they found the bodies of a man and his 18 month old daughter. Further excavating revealed another grave and in this were the remains of a second child around 8 years of age that had been mutilated beyond recognition.

Despite a $2000 reward and numerous searches, these murderers were never caught.

How scary is this? To think these killers got away!

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