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Was Stonehenge built by cowboy builders ?

Posted on Sunday, 29 June, 2014 | Comment icon 26 comments

It is perhaps fortunate that Stonehenge is even still standing at all. Image Credit: PD - Wiki

A leading historian has claimed that the iconic monument was 'as much a triumph as a disaster'.

One of the world's most famous Neolithic monuments, Stonehenge has been a site of great importance and intrigue for thousands of years.

The feat of its original builders moving its huge stone slabs in to place without access to modern equipment has long been deemed as remarkable, yet Professor Ronard Hutton of Bristol University maintains that the whole thing was actually a bit of a botch job.

"When they put up one of those great sandstone blocks in the outer circle, it slipped when it was being put in its hole, fell over and broke in half," he said. "They put one broken bit on top of the other broken bit, jammed a lintel on top and hoped they’d stay together. They didn’t, they fell over quite soon after."

Prof Hutton has described the iconic monument, which dates back to between 2000BC - 3000BC, as a "unique and possibly failed experiment".

"Because of shoddy or high-pressure, efficiency-gaining, new Stone Age engineering, we have lost the great engineering feat of Stonehenge," he said.

Source: Independent | Comments (26)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #17 Posted by shrooma on 30 June, 2014, 20:49
. the megalithic yard was first postulated by Alexander Thom in the early '60s, after surveying hundreds of prehistoric sites. the measurement, he concluded, was 2.72ft. his measurements however, have been called into question, as further surveys have revealed that his measurements have been out by as much as 3in per 'yard'. what he actually did was take an average over the sites to arrive at his figure, which, in engineering terms, is very highly suspect. . welcome to UM LoneStar. . . (edit for multiple post.)
Comment icon #18 Posted by John Wesley Boyd on 1 July, 2014, 23:01
Among our Brit cousins "Cowboy" is a derogatory slur. They don't understand that "The Cowboy" is an American Icon, and that their readers across the pond might take offense.
Comment icon #19 Posted by JGirl on 2 July, 2014, 0:46
not much meat in that dish
Comment icon #20 Posted by Eldorado on 2 July, 2014, 12:48
Word Origin & History Brit U.S. colloquial shortening of Britisher or Briton, 1901, formerly (like Britisher) highly offensive to Englishmen traveling in the States, who regarded it as yet another instance of the "odious vulgarism" of the Americans. We all choose what offends us.
Comment icon #21 Posted by John Wesley Boyd on 3 July, 2014, 22:21
Ah, yes those Americanisms, so quaintly provincial.
Comment icon #22 Posted by John Wesley Boyd on 4 July, 2014, 0:49
An equivalent pejorative to the term Yank. cool.
Comment icon #23 Posted by Eldorado on 4 July, 2014, 6:18
We can play this indefinitely. I'll hasten it. It's a 'cool' world we live in.
Comment icon #24 Posted by jmccr8 on 6 July, 2014, 6:53
I've done a fair bit of the cowboy way over the years and what I can say it's not about the kind of boots your wearing it's about how you wear the boots your wearing. jmccr8
Comment icon #25 Posted by EllJay on 6 July, 2014, 7:05
The question that keep this Norwegian up at night.
Comment icon #26 Posted by cyclopes500 on 8 July, 2014, 20:30
No. Cowboys didn't build Stonehenge. US work quality is like the UK's. Superb. It was the Indians that did the job and as per usual they forgot the cement.

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