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Woman starts speaking in past-life language

Posted on Friday, 25 July, 2014 | Comment icon 25 comments

Was Uttara remembering a past life ? Image Credit: Nikolai Kuznetsov

A woman in India suddenly started speaking in a form of Bengali that was used over 150 years ago.

In a baffling case from the 1970s, reincarnation researcher Ian Stevenson investigated the mystery surrounding 32-year-old Uttara Huddar who, out of nowhere, suddenly started to speak fluently in a language that she had never learned or been exposed to.

The phenomenon was made all the more mysterious by the fact that not only was the language a form of Bengali not used for 150 years, but the woman seemed to have simultaneously developed a second personality called Sharada who appeared unfamiliar with the present time period and was unable to speak in any of the modern languages that Uttara could.

Sharada would take over from Uttara for days or weeks at a time and had no knowledge of Uttara's family but could distinctly recall five of her own family members including her father Brajanath Chattopaydhaya who had lived in the 19th century.

Stevenson was amazed when he discovered that each of these named individuals had actually existed in both the region and time period that Sharada had described. There was no way Uttara could have ever known about them.

"The amnesia each personality appears to have had for events occurring to the other, even though it was not total, suggests the possession syndrome more than a case of the reincarnation type," he wrote. "This implies that Sharada is a discarnate personality - that is, that she consists of surviving aspects of a real person who lived and died in the early years of the 19th century, and who, almost 150 years later, came to dominate and control Uttara’s body."

Source: Epoch Times | Comments (25)

Tags: Reincarnation, Past Life

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #16 Posted by Rolci on 25 July, 2014, 23:40
Next time you're going to try to tell us acquired savant syndrome doesn't exist. edit: oh wait...
Comment icon #17 Posted by Rolci on 26 July, 2014, 9:20
I wish Stevenson were still around to investigate cases like Cpt. Robert Snow's. We have too few good researchers and even less common sense people who are willing to undergo a past life regression, note down the facts and check them out like this police captain has. When there is a 100% match you know something's going on, but of course it's easier to be an armchair skeptic, so why bother.
Comment icon #18 Posted by ChrLzs on 26 July, 2014, 9:40
Yeah Rolci, I'm wid yoo. Dese ones nowadays use too much information and evidence and come to really boring conclusions. Not like the good ole days when you could just call yourself a researcher and say any old .. er really cool theory and be beleeved!! Thems were the dayz.
Comment icon #19 Posted by qxcontinuum on 26 July, 2014, 13:23
Foreign Language Syndrome
Comment icon #20 Posted by Danglangdale on 26 July, 2014, 22:15
Don't know about reincarnation but, matter,and maybe the information it, cannot be destroyed. Johnny Winter just died who sai who was Jimi Hendix even thogh he was alive when Jimi died. Who's the new/Jimi/Johnny?
Comment icon #21 Posted by Danglangdale on 26 July, 2014, 22:22
Don't know about reincarnation but, matter,and maybe the information in it, cannot be destroyed?. Johnny Winter just died who said he was Jimi Hendrix even though he was alive when Jimi died. Who's the new/Jimi/Johnny?
Comment icon #22 Posted by mskate on 27 July, 2014, 8:32
Really ha!.... Let me know when you find out!
Comment icon #23 Posted by Rolci on 2 August, 2014, 15:29 Do I have a house now?
Comment icon #24 Posted by ealdwita on 2 August, 2014, 17:04
Get a few Old Ales down Old Harry Bartlett in the Snug during the evening and he'll talk to you for hours in all kinds of incomprehensible tongues and dialects! (Mind you, he doesn't make a great deal of sense when he's sober....1988 if I remember rightly)
Comment icon #25 Posted by Rei4ever on 4 August, 2014, 14:37
I think all of us has that discarnate personality which is what we called Ego... Our Ego only live once and thus repeatedly Reincarnation made many Ego's in our Soul... So she is lucky and this might be a Good proof that Afterlife exist

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