Wednesday, June 1, 2016
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Global warming slowdown could last 15 years

Posted on Friday, 22 August, 2014 | Comment icon 97 comments

Temperatures could rise more rapidly within the next two decades. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 Chris Lim
Scientists believe that excess heat is currently being stored in the depths of the world's oceans.
Recent data has shown that the long rise in global temperatures has evened out over the last few years, a revelation that has led to much debate amongst scientists and climate change skeptics.

Theories proposed to explain this have ranged from volcanic eruptions to sulphur from power stations in China, but now a new study published in the journal 'Science' has revealed that the ocean, in particular the Atlantic and Southern Oceans, may be trapping excess heat deep down below the surface.

"The finding is a surprise, since the current theories had pointed to the Pacific Ocean as the culprit for hiding heat," said University of Washington Professor Ka-Kit Tung.

The findings also indicate however that, far from representing a long-term reduction in global warming predictions, the recent hiatus is only temporary and will likely end within as little as 15 years.

"Most importantly, this paper is another a nail in the coffin of the idea that the hiatus is evidence that our projections of long-term climate change need revising down," said Prof Piers Forster.

"Variability in the ocean will not affect long-term climate trends but may mean we have a period of accelerated warming to look forward to."

Source: The Guardian | Comments (97)

Tags: Atlantic, Global Warming

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #88 Posted by DieChecker on 1 September, 2014, 22:59
True, but only as long as people are willing to make their own energy. Which could be for a couple decades perhaps. People can fix their clothes, instead of buying new, and can do their own oil changes, and make their own beer, but few people actually do those things. Same would apply here, only like one in twenty is going to bother with their own solar panels, or wind generator. Even paying a ratio of twice is acceptable to most because we don't want to do the maintenance, or the investment, or accounting, or any of the things one would have to do. We'd rather go buy a $7 burge... [More]
Comment icon #89 Posted by DONTEATUS on 7 September, 2014, 22:02
Dune ! Desert Planet,Earth !ASAP ITs upon us ! Wake up Earthlings ! Were Doomed !
Comment icon #90 Posted by Doug1o29 on 7 September, 2014, 22:52
Don't be too sure just yet. A major shift to renewables is getting started and it's being driven by the price of raw power - sunshine and wind are available to anybody for free and no one is going to corner the market on those. As the cost of converting this form of energy to electricity comes down, the less attractive coal and petroleum look. I foresee the eventual demise of Big Coal and its number one supporter: the Koch suckers. Doug
Comment icon #91 Posted by DONTEATUS on 8 September, 2014, 2:41
Man ,Its Looking like were way past the point of no return ! Were seeing lake levels and river systems so far past any recorded low levels since the last two hundred years ! Im packing my bags for Mars ! "Wait ! Mars has no water either" Guess I`ll have to make it !
Comment icon #92 Posted by Doug1o29 on 8 September, 2014, 14:07
California just had the driest three consecutive years in over 950 years. The last drought this bad was in 1120 to 1160 during the Crusades. Such mega-droughts occur two or three times a millennium. This drought, though bad, is not evidence of global warming. But it may become evidence. Efforts to determine its causes in detail continue and there does seem to be a tie-in with warming in the Atlantic. Determining just exactly how increased atmospheric energy will manifest in the future is still a pretty iffy business. Doug
Comment icon #93 Posted by DieChecker on 9 September, 2014, 5:50
Oh man. I think Oregon needs to build a border fence to keep the Californians from migrating north into our nice wet, forever green State.
Comment icon #94 Posted by Br Cornelius on 9 September, 2014, 8:18
Unfortunately thats what it may come to. This is why the fanciful notion that we can cope with climate change by adaptation is so unhelpful, since it could very well mean adapting to a civil war over who gets the water. Rivers run through multiple states - what happens when one state extracts so much water that the down river states get none. This is already the reality in certain Indian subcontinent and Middle Eastern regions. Adapt to that I say. Br Cornelius
Comment icon #95 Posted by Doug1o29 on 9 September, 2014, 14:24
"Tom McCall, Governor of the Great State of Oregon, cordially invites you to visit California, Washington, Nevada, Utah..." That was a great greeting card. Doug
Comment icon #96 Posted by Doug1o29 on 9 September, 2014, 14:29
The US western states have priority water rights. The landowner with lower rights has to allow enough water to pass to provide the required minimums to those downstream. Ordinarily, that's not a problem, but in a dry year it can mean the guy lower on the list goes broke. Rather than go broke, many people just steal the water and risk lawsuits or jail time. States with riparian rights don't have this problem. Basically, it's first-come first-served. Doug
Comment icon #97 Posted by Frank Merton on 9 September, 2014, 14:33
I'm in Washington (the state not the city) right now for medical tests, and I've been able to get out a little and be driven around the place. So lush and green! And so cool and sunny! It really will be a crime if this is harmed. We will have to adapt I fear. I read a piece a few days ago about how the ocean is encroaching on the American coastline, and how foolish people are to build there. Vietnam already has restrictions in place on building in the Mekong delta and right along the coast with exactly this problem in mind.

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