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'Ghost Box' creator Frank Sumption has died
Category: Ghosts & Hauntings | Posted on 8-19-2014 | 33 comments
The man behind a controversial device designed to communicate with spirits has died of a heart attack.

Final your work.. post-mortem
Category: Ghosts & Hauntings | Posted on 7-19-2007 | 0 comments
Most ghosts are hopelessly vague, so much so that one wonders if you can accomplish anything at all in the afterlife.

Distant voices: EVP
Category: Ghosts & Hauntings | Posted on 6-16-2005 | 7 comments
The Universal movie White Noise was released in January 2005 in the UK.

Voices of the dead ?
Category: Ghosts & Hauntings | Posted on 5-14-2005 | 14 comments
Can voices of the dead be heard on ordinary audio tapes recorded in a quiet room? Swedish archeologist, documentary maker and artist Friedrich Juergenson pionee...

Yumans say they use EVP to listen to spirits
Category: Ghosts & Hauntings | Posted on 2-11-2005 | 2 comments
Most movies don't cause people to go home, stare into their TV screens, then call Don Swain to exorcise demons living in the Zenith.

EVP: Do we really hear the voices of the dead ?
Category: Ghosts & Hauntings | Posted on 2-6-2005 | 2 comments
It may be another case of "caught on tape. LOCAL 8 was contacted by a local woman who claims she recorded an EVP at a well-known haunted spot in San Diego.

'Ghostly' chatter - fact or fiction?
Category: Ghosts & Hauntings | Posted on 1-11-2005 | 2 comments
It's claimed the dead have found a new way of contacting the living.

Dead caught communicating on tape
Category: Ghosts & Hauntings | Posted on 1-9-2005 | 9 comments
A new movie called "White Noise" shows the dead communicating through high frequency waves, and people with one San Antonio company say the voices from the dead...

Ghosts in the machine
Category: Ghosts & Hauntings | Posted on 1-4-2005 | 5 comments
Natural background noise or messages from the other side?Williamson, a 47-year-old former cleaner, is a dedicated collector of "electronic voice phenomena", com...

EVP features in new movie "White Noise"
Category: Ghosts & Hauntings | Posted on 1-1-2005 | 7 comments
Remember the little girl in Poltergeist, transfixed by the ghostly voices coming through the TV set after the channel went off the air? That was EVP, or Electro...

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