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The Sudarium of Oviedo

Posted on Wednesday, 8 August, 2007 | Comment icon 7 comments

Image credit: Wikipedia
"Lying in the Cathedral of Oviedo, Spain in relative obscurity compared to its more famous cousin, the Sudarium presents a better provenance and history than the Shroud and may be the sole surviving relic of the crucifixion that has made it to modern times."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Harriet Reed on 8 August, 2007, 12:11
I saw a fantastic documentary about the Turin Shroud called Secrets of The Dead and it did mention the Sudarium. Tests on the blood on the Sudarium found that it is the same blood found on the Shroud and it does have a clearer past than the Shroud. But why does it have to be the shroud of Jesus, because he wasn't the only man who was crucified at the time, now was he?
Comment icon #2 Posted by :PsYKoTiC:BeHAvIoR: on 8 August, 2007, 14:37
You certainly have a good point, but who would keep a bloody cloth if it was from a common thief? Since the Sudarium had so much importance to keep it safe and even smuggled out of Palestine, for any follower, this is very convincing and compelling to believe it might have been used for Christ.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Repoman on 8 August, 2007, 15:18
And since the shroud of Turin has been proven to be from mediaeval times, this means that the Sudarium cloth must also be a fake.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Enrique H. on 8 August, 2007, 17:41
If you rely heavily on the phenomenon of science, then your creative mind will sure blunder. No one knows for certain, that's what it boils down to.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Lt_Ripley on 9 August, 2007, 4:31
actually it doesn't make sence the shoud being real. why ? because there is no demension represented in the shroud. they wrapped a body in it yet there is no depth of form - the thickness of thigh ect....... it is an outline only of what you see head on.this isn't what you would get if you actually wrapped a body in a cloth. try it. get a large doll or even a friend. slather them , or even a part of them , like a leg in ketchup thinned with water , and wrap it lengh wise . lightly and not a permanent wrapping since Jesus wasn't prepared for burial yet but they would have wrapped ... [More]
Comment icon #6 Posted by glorybebe on 9 August, 2007, 4:54
Great point, Ripley.
Comment icon #7 Posted by :PsYKoTiC:BeHAvIoR: on 9 August, 2007, 14:42
I thought carbon dating on the Shroud of Turin was a bit iffy due to fire altering it's actual date?

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