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The stigmata

Posted on Tuesday, 9 October, 2007 | Comment icon 14 comments

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"One of the most rare and disturbing religious paranormal phenomena is the stigmata, or the manifestation of the wounds of the passion of Christ on the body."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by justejust on 9 October, 2007, 17:33
I guess that's because stigmata appears depending on a person's belief, not on a historical truth of how Christ was crucified. Stigmata's cause is inside, not outside (which, in my opinion, doesn't make them less mystical).
Comment icon #6 Posted by Compline on 9 October, 2007, 17:34
As early as 1911, he first manifested the stigmata, which he described in a letter as red marks on his hands and feet that caused severe pain. The wounds eventually became visible, sometimes bleeding profusely and would continue the rest of his life. He often prayed for the wounds to dissappear, but not the pain, as he found the marks to be an embarrassment. They would never completely dissappear, so he was known to hide them. The visions of the devil continued as well, appearing to Pio as everything from a dancing naked girl, Pope Pius X, St. Francis and most disturbingly, the virgin M... [More]
Comment icon #7 Posted by truethat on 9 October, 2007, 17:48
Not for nothing, but it can't be that hard to fake these kinds of things can it? The idea that his wounds would never leave his hands and feet, when it has been shown that nailing someone through the hands was not how people were crucified, would seem to me to be a fake job.Self mutilation has long been part of the history of depression.
Comment icon #8 Posted by TeraLink on 9 October, 2007, 19:53
That's commitment...TeraLink Was Here!
Comment icon #9 Posted by AntoniCanada on 9 October, 2007, 22:32
I can't believe I am actually telling this story because how often does Santo Padre Pio come up but.. My Uncle died in Feb of this year and I have been going to my Aunts house every Sat night and sunday morning since, I help her out out and take her to mass in the morning and do the lawn while she is there. Anywhooo they have a spare bedroom in which they converted into a shrine so they could do their daily rosary and prayers. Santo Padre Pio is a main feature on the mini alter and on the wall along with other adornments.. long story short.. i have to sleep in the Santo Padre Pio guest b... [More]
Comment icon #10 Posted by Atanerpmav on 10 October, 2007, 0:36
Well, just recently Ive found that Mother Teresa wasnt happy in her life. Her journal entries prove this. Like Ghandi...... was he depressed? They starved themselves. With respect to both of them, this somewhat seems disturbing. These holy icons endured pain to serve god and to bring happiness to the poor. Sorry of topic, just thought Id mention.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Compline on 10 October, 2007, 5:24
Well, just recently Ive found that Mother Teresa wasnt happy in her life. Her journal entries prove this. Like Ghandi...... was he depressed? They starved themselves. With respect to both of them, this somewhat seems disturbing. These holy icons endured pain to serve god and to bring happiness to the poor. I dunno about Mother Theresa or Ghandiji, who may have offered abstention from food as personal sacrifice or as a way to learn self-discipline.Padre Pio the stigmatist was said by his friends and brother monks to have been the happiest man they knew, always telling jokes and making witty re... [More]
Comment icon #12 Posted by Katana357 on 10 October, 2007, 7:43
Compline, outstanding posts! You are obviously well versed in this subject and it's proven to be a great source of information for myself. With a moderate background in forensics I can say that determining whether any wound is self inflicted or not has become a rudimentary aspect of observations of live or dead subjects. One has to look at the chronology of the wounds as well as looking at the level of observation that the subject was under during the times that self mutilation may have occurred. I know that in this case one of the attending physicians had a background in forensics... [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by Compline on 10 October, 2007, 9:22
As a final thought the spiritual fight that Padre Pio endured reminds me of the account of Emily Rose. The attack on the soul, the stigmata, and the suffering endured by someone who you would definitely count among Gods soldiers.Hi Katana357 and thank you for the kind comment.I have seen the Hollywood version of the movie Emily Rose and done a little reading on her case. Very sad for her and her family. And for their sakes let us hope that her decision and her vision were authentic. At least people are more aware of the possibility of possession and of the possible real presence of the De... [More]
Comment icon #14 Posted by Regency on 10 October, 2007, 12:02
Wow - what a fascinating subject, I've really enjoyed reading all the posts on this.Padre Pio devoted his life to God, I could never imagine that - now he's revered as a Saint, after reading all the accounts it appears that it's a titled well deserved, IMO. There does seem to be something about him, a holiness - and I'm not a religious person.

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