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The ancient secrets of levitation

Posted on Wednesday, 14 May, 2008 | Comment icon 12 comments

Image credit: stockxpert
"Great stone structures and megaliths around the world stand as mysteries to how they were constructed."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #3 Posted by Harte on 14 May, 2008, 13:31
Levitation or not, it appears that ramps at least were involved.Remains of ramps have been found beside several pyramids, including the Great Pyramid.AFAIK, the Egyptians were unaware of pulleys.No question that, if they used pulleys at all, they didn't use compound pulleys and thus achieved no mechanical advantage with any pulley they may have (theoretically) put in use.Harte
Comment icon #4 Posted by www375 on 14 May, 2008, 16:25
No...........Ramps and slave labor. Tons of slaves for tons of rock.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Sag!ttarius on 14 May, 2008, 19:15
And you know this by channeling, time traveling or listening to the storyline mainstream archaeologists follow, not to upset "Hawassism" by discarding artifacts that don't fit in the preconceived model? Inquiring minds want to know. Well, maybe just me... CheersEdit: I changed Darwinism to "Hawassism". I created a new word, but what the heck
Comment icon #6 Posted by Harte on 14 May, 2008, 19:21
Yeah, that and the fact of the ramps still being there and the workers village right next to the pyramid complex.But if you insist, then by all means include channeling and time travel.Except, they weren't slaves and they considered it an "honor" to do the work.And the pyramids have nothing to do with Darwin or the Theory of Evolution.And that there are no "discarded artifacts" that "don't fit" with this model of pyramid construction.Harte
Comment icon #7 Posted by Moonie2012 on 14 May, 2008, 20:24
I don't see how ramps and "levitation" couldn't go hand-in-hand. If they did have some sort of secret stone levitating procedure, they could have still needed a ramp to push them up, like how a hovercraft needs a surface underneath it, but doesn't actually touch it.I'm not claiming that's how it worked - just making a point.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Harte on 14 May, 2008, 20:30
In deference to the more adventurous in this thread (mainly because it's not in the "Ancient Mysteries and Alternative History section,) I purposefully left that possibility wide open when I said: Don't you love quoting yourself? I personally wouldn't consider the possibility of levitation for even a picosecond. But hey, that's me and this isn't the section of the forum where I usually argue such things.IOW, I wouldn't expect people posting in here to particularly know (or care) about why such levitation is not only impossible, but also not necessary.Harte
Comment icon #9 Posted by Dan-Dare on 14 May, 2008, 22:45
What a closed mind you have "Harte" Dare
Comment icon #10 Posted by BaneSilvermoon on 15 May, 2008, 3:32
As far as stonehenge, Wally Wallington has erected a 9 ton pillar by himself.
Comment icon #11 Posted by TeraLink on 15 May, 2008, 21:14
I don't think this is too unbelievable. It's just that there's no... Record of this technology.TeraLink Was Here!
Comment icon #12 Posted by theQ on 18 May, 2008, 23:19
Your visitors or inhabitants depending on your point of view were involved with some individuals that constructed these monuments.

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