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Vatican admits alien life could exist

Posted on Thursday, 15 May, 2008 | Comment icon 9 comments

Image credit: NASA
"The pope's chief astronomer says that life on Mars cannot be ruled out."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by heinrich1858 on 15 May, 2008, 10:56
Finding extraterrestrial life could unite us and stop us destroying ourselves with WWWIII . I can just imagine the christians trying to convert the heathen aliens to christianity. Religion will have to accept that Gods plan is bigger than just one book. I wonder if Islam will be as accepting to the alien Idea as the vatican and what about evangelical christians? Maybe there will be a war strarted by extremists against aliens.I might be wrong but religious people who do not compromise and stay with the times like the vatican did here are really living in a different century.
Comment icon #2 Posted by godnodog on 15 May, 2008, 11:37
And we need th Church to tell us this?One I thing I find hard to understand is how itīs possible to exist people who donīt believe in the possibility on alien life (intelligent or not) and at same time belive in God!What do yoy think?
Comment icon #3 Posted by Daimyo on 15 May, 2008, 19:10
Maybe its time for the church to accept the Book of Enoch as part of the biblical canon.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Sag!ttarius on 15 May, 2008, 19:47
Hmmm... Same day, shuttle astronauts come out with the "Aliens do exist" story And I agree with Daimyo, time for Book of Enoch recognition
Comment icon #5 Posted by Incorrigible1 on 16 May, 2008, 3:08
Hmm, I don't believe in the Pope...........
Comment icon #6 Posted by iamfatfrog on 12 July, 2008, 10:24
i agree,
Comment icon #7 Posted by questionmark on 12 July, 2008, 11:12
From the little I know about them , they might say that it "could" exists while still hoping to be unique. They have had enough embarrassments by denying the obvious in the past.
Comment icon #8 Posted by chaoszerg on 12 July, 2008, 11:33
It's okay because if we do ever come into contact with a alien race and they turn out to be hostile we can all bet that the Vatican will blame the Pagans
Comment icon #9 Posted by Sylent Nyte on 12 July, 2008, 11:38
They are simply hoping to survive as a religion as more and more people expect extraterrestrial life, or at least the potential for it to be found. The Vatican is backpedaling with this statement, it is that obvious. However, if contact does occur I think that they will find their concept of "god" will be either crushed entirely(and all religion laid to waste with the news that we are an experiment) or reinforced thoroughly(if the visitors have a similar "belief") However, both of these outcomes are entire reliant upon the belief system of these other "cultures,"... [More]
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