Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Why we can't imagine death

Posted on Friday, 24 October, 2008 | Comment icon 22 comments

Image credit: CC 3.0 Hitcher
"It should strike us as odd that we feel inclined to nod our heads in agreement to the twangy, sweetly discordant folk vocals of Iris Dement in "Let the Mystery Be," a humble paean about the hereafter."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #13 Posted by iSeeDeadPpl! on 26 October, 2008, 3:27
ok does any one else think mind is NOT a verb but a noun. Its seperate from the brain. It is conscience.
Comment icon #14 Posted by brothers on 26 October, 2008, 3:48
I was always thought that our body dies which is matter and that the mind is energy which does not die. Therefore, when we die out energy goes somewhere. Perhaps into another dimension somewhere what we cannot comprehend at this moment.
Comment icon #15 Posted by Wickian on 26 October, 2008, 4:59
It's possible. I'm pretty sure energy cannot be destroyed, only redirected.
Comment icon #16 Posted by Larving on 26 October, 2008, 5:14
Well, its hard to believe that the only purpose in life is to mate and have offspring to continue the species. If thats the case, why have life at all? Life has evolved, so why cant an afterlife?...whatever that may be. It really sounds like you're making the assumption that everything in the universe needs to have a purpose. As depressing as it really sounds, it is very possible that the universe, and everything it includes currently just "happened", no fairness, no reason. And not only is it possible, everything we have observed so far tells us this. If so, the purpose of your life isn't to ... [More]
Comment icon #17 Posted by JustNormal on 26 October, 2008, 8:30
I assume we cannot imagine death, because it is something we know nothing about, and haven exprienced and can be fear of the unkown..JN
Comment icon #18 Posted by fairybry on 26 October, 2008, 10:18
new member-first post! well,i think that if when we die we cease to exist then that makes everything i am interested in redundant. it means that mediums,psychic detectives,ghosts,witchcraft,reincarnation etc is all non existent,how can this be when we have so much evidence to the contrary? i truly am depressed now
Comment icon #19 Posted by Crow Woman on 26 October, 2008, 17:58
Does this mean we have no soul or spirit? If we do, what is the soul's purpose? What of ghosts? They may be balls of energy or souls of people. I know from experience that ghosts are indeed something that can function and communicate. Could it be that ghosts are just from a different planet? Or are they an unknown species? It may be true that we cannot imagine death, but what would it be like to die? Would we just go into a void of darkness? There are so many questions that cannot be answered. What if I told you that my brother was the reincarnation of my father's grandfather. He knows everyth... [More]
Comment icon #20 Posted by Dakotabre on 27 October, 2008, 2:08
When we hear death, our first immediate thought is 'the end'. But I believe that death is just the next stage of life. Take for example, a snake that sheds it's skin... I believe when we die, we are just shedding our physical skin and then we go spiritual. Possibly staying here on earth in ghostly form, or perhaps moving off onto other planets or dimensions.
Comment icon #21 Posted by Grace Wayman on 27 October, 2008, 5:33
I would like to think in death we all retreat inward; in our minds instead of bodies. Or maybe something less idealic. Who knows? But it's gotta be better than life!
Comment icon #22 Posted by jbondo on 28 October, 2008, 14:28
Just for anything to exist is way beyond any understanding. Think about a universe that came out of nothing, a universe that includes intelligent beings that live on worlds warmed by giant balls of fire. Just imagine where it all came from and where did the space come from for this universe to fill in the first place? It is hard to wrap your mind around, is it not? Considering all of that is so unbelievable yet we are here. So why in the world could it not be possible for an afterlife to exist? Just closing off the mind to possibility when so many impossibilities already exist is sad. That's w... [More]

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