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Why ET has to be humanoid

Posted on Wednesday, 7 January, 2009 | Comment icon 16 comments

Image credit: Jurvetson (flickr)
"Anthony Bragalia: The Bible tells us that Man was created in God's image."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #7 Posted by XITSALLGOODX on 8 January, 2009, 3:08
i dont get this lol, evoloution must be kind of the same every where eventually leading down to the body type most suited for living on a ball in space4 limbs, torso, 1 head, you name me any animal thats not from the sea or an insectthat dosent have this, (and dont be smart sayin snake or sum **** i dun wanna hear ur BS ) but do people know what i mean?P.S if anythings said about my spellin as it has been in priveous posts i will go to the mods lol
Comment icon #8 Posted by Ashiene on 8 January, 2009, 7:55
u really want to know why every complex organism on this planet (on land) has basically the same bodily configuration?thats because all of them are derived from a single group of organisms which eventually branched out to evolve into the many different species of life we see today.all creatures on this planet share a common ancestor.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Wyvernkeeper on 8 January, 2009, 16:30
Why would telekinesis be the next logical step? Surely its more likely that we develop fatter and rounder arses and lose all our fingers except two which we use for typing, not to mention getting sicker and stupider.
Comment icon #10 Posted by The Skeptic Eric Raven on 8 January, 2009, 18:17
What in the world would make you think this? If you don't have a need for something you don't develop it. Especailly non existant psi powers.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Aron morales on 8 January, 2009, 20:58
I really don't think the aliens would have to be humanoid to be made in God's image...
Comment icon #12 Posted by DieChecker on 11 January, 2009, 19:13
I think an intellegent spacegoing species could look like just about anything. Even a jelly could have some kind of manipulation and senses. All it really takes is enough braincells and a drive to use tools.
Comment icon #13 Posted by AbrahamVanHelsing on 11 January, 2009, 20:04
What made me think this? The natural world around me in which spiders can sense danger before it happens (no I'm not talking about Spiderman), in which salmon manage to find their way back to the very same river in which they spawned,in which identical twins can sense when the other is upset or hurt, even though they are hundreds of miles apart. After all, the concept of evolution is based around 'survival of the fittest' and whilst E.T's would break the general principles of the evolutionary concept, it would be worth looking into how they might differ,and develop in a habita... [More]
Comment icon #14 Posted by jbondo on 13 January, 2009, 20:24
Coffee table aliens....Pfft! That's just silly!Reclining chair aliens are much more likely to exist.IMO, if what this "person" claims is true then it would stand to reason that humans would project most aliens to be more physically appealing than we are, that is human nature. Not 3 foot tall, leather skin, giant bald heads and eyes bigger than a colossal squid. "We" see ourselves as superior and therefore an advanced civilization would be an improved projection of that, most specifically where it regards physical appearance.
Comment icon #15 Posted by keenu on 30 May, 2009, 13:10
But what if god was the et?
Comment icon #16 Posted by Lt_Ripley on 30 May, 2009, 23:40
ah but lets take the ant or any creature with an exo skeleton..they are limited in size because of such I remember learning recently .( oxygen delivery being one of the reasons I remember ).. and size just may matter !! as for the rest ?? who says something like that isn't out there , but hasn't got the ability for travel ? heck we still don't ...

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