Sunday, September 25, 2016
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55ft "sea monster" washes up in China

Posted on Thursday, 23 June, 2011 | Comment icon 57 comments | News tip by: whatsthat

Image credit: PDPhoto

A mysterious 4.5 ton rotting carcass has washed up on a beach at Guangdong in China.

The carcass is allegedly too decayed to accurately identify, leading many to speculate that it could be some form of unknown creature from the ocean's depths. Others however remain skeptical, believing the beast to be little more than a whale.

"A giant 55 foot 'sea monster' has been found washed up on a beach in China."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #48 Posted by Cryptozological Mascot on 27 June, 2011, 18:31
Somewhere, someone is crying over this...
Comment icon #49 Posted by pixiii on 28 June, 2011, 12:29
What do you suppose Swamptick has been smoking? I know right! That gave me quite a chuckle.
Comment icon #50 Posted by UFO_Monster on 29 June, 2011, 4:52
Yep, it is a whale.
Comment icon #51 Posted by theQ54 on 10 July, 2011, 3:50
What has washed up on the shore is 55' of your wild imagination.
Comment icon #52 Posted by bblee on 11 July, 2011, 2:48
whale o whale
Comment icon #53 Posted by Vigilanis on 13 July, 2011, 12:04
As everyone else has said, it is clearly a Whale, I think the original people to report this corpse are just not used to seeing one in such an advanced state of decay. Hardly warrants news coverage, but then again this is 'The Sun' we are talking about, that toilet roll of an excuse of a newspaper would print a picture of Elvis on the moon if someone sent it in and tout it as news.
Comment icon #54 Posted by Paranormal Society on 14 July, 2011, 0:37
I know it said it was too badly decade to be identified, but can't they do a DNA test on it to see what it is? Looks like a whale body however decomposing very quickly! I think they should try to run some tests just to be sure! COOL TOPIC! PS
Comment icon #55 Posted by terbo559 on 23 July, 2011, 2:12
Steller's Sea Cows?
Comment icon #56 Posted by Erix on 26 July, 2011, 14:21
Steller's Sea Cows? you're late.
Comment icon #57 Posted by Gamrat on 22 August, 2011, 16:52
It's a giant Filet-o-fish! Yum!!!

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