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Mysterious sea creature washes up on beach

Posted on Thursday, 21 July, 2011 | Comment icon 48 comments | News tip by: kk50

Image credit: Margaret Flippence

A couple walking along a Scottish beach came across the remains of a strange sea creature.

The 30ft corpse is partly decomposed, experts are still attempting to determine what it is and the images have sparked considerable debate online. "It could be a killer whale, given the size of the animal. A pilot whale is another possibility," suggests London Zoo marine life expert Rob Deville.

"A walker got a monster surprise when she encountered a gruesome sea creature curled up on the sand."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #39 Posted by ShadowSot on 5 August, 2011, 14:07
Looks like an otter missing the fur on it's face. It's dead so decomp has set in, the lips have pulled back. That's not a beak, that's a exposed jaw with the teeth missing. It's bone. Whales actually do have fur, they're mammals after all. Though they rely on their blubber to keep them warm. In this case though, that's not fur. That's decaying skin. http://paleo.cc/ce/plesio-russ.htm The raccoon is mostly decayed, the flesh is gone. I'm familiar with some of these remains from other articles and I think they're making stuff up. ... [More]
Comment icon #40 Posted by Muenzenhamster on 12 October, 2011, 2:12
Well, OBVIOUSLY it's a sand worm. I mean, anyone familiar with the species would see that in a... No wait, the head and neck of a diplodocus! Yes, that's it, most definitely the head and neck of a diplodocus, CLEARLY the body is still out there somewhere. Yup, yup, yup!
Comment icon #41 Posted by Soul Kitchen on 12 October, 2011, 4:33
It's probably just a mermaid.
Comment icon #42 Posted by Rafterman on 12 October, 2011, 15:49
Perhaps you should leave the animal identification to others because you are clearly unqualified. FYI, just because something looks like fur doesn't mean that it's fur.
Comment icon #43 Posted by Mrs Bungle on 19 November, 2011, 18:02
I haven't heard anything of this case since it happened... has there been any other news?
Comment icon #44 Posted by skookum on 24 November, 2011, 11:14
You have to accept that science 100% knows everything about every creature that lives in the ocean. I mean only 95% remains unexplored so you can see that there is virtually nil chance of something undiscovered washing up I see the results from most of them remain unreleased. Some cool facts can be found here. http://savethesea.org/STS%20ocean_facts.htm Amazing that 90% of the ocean habitat exists in the Abyss. Imagine how much lurks down there we know nothing about.
Comment icon #45 Posted by ShadowSot on 24 November, 2011, 17:06
you're right, obviously this is instead a overweight Atlantean who died in exposure. It just happens to look like a desiccated whale. Humans havn't explored, however much has been mapped and explored by ROV. It's also worth noting that most of this area not explored consists of a mostly empty zone between the ocean bottom and surface where the majority of life in the ocean is located. Probably are still at the lab that did the analysis (if they actually had anyone do it since sending samples to be analysed is a new buzzword) as saying "It was a whale, or other c... [More]
Comment icon #46 Posted by Lady_Mercury on 26 November, 2011, 16:14
Or merman - don't be sexist It just looks like a whale. It's fins are missing because it's in advanced stage of decay and has probably been mauled by wild animals.
Comment icon #47 Posted by Orcseeker on 26 November, 2011, 22:40
Just the spine and head of a whale with the little remaining flesh you see on it in the picture.
Comment icon #48 Posted by skookum on 27 November, 2011, 1:13
You think that a majority of the ocean has been explored by ROV? That would take thousands of ROV's decades to get anywhere close, unless you are suggesting that ever creature discovered at every depth is consistent throughout the worlds oceans. That doesn't seem to be the case either as fish found in the pacific can be totally different to those found in the Atlantic ocean. Ships that have ROV's that can go below 2 miles deep cost about $30,000 a day to hire. These are generally used for specific targets (oil exploration, salvage of specific science), they don't j... [More]

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