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Are two heads really better than one ?

Posted on Saturday, 21 April, 2012 | Comment icon 9 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

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New research suggests that people may be better off answering difficult questions by themselves.

To analyse the difference in performance between individuals thinking on their own and those who discussed things as a group, Professor Asher Koriat conducted a set of studies in which he asked a series of questions to participants. The results suggested that those who worked together in a group produced better answers when the solution was logical, but those working on their own produced better responses when confronted with a trick question. Professor Koriat concluded that people had more confidence in their own answer when working alone than when in a group.

"A study by scientists found that individuals could be better at problem solving on their own, as long as they were confident in their own answers."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by DeltaEcho on 21 April, 2012, 14:22
I think this is more of something that depends on the person involved. To me, it seems more likely that some people work/think better on their own, while others would be better in a group.
Comment icon #2 Posted by pestilent1 on 21 April, 2012, 16:46
Did you come up with that on your own? ;-)
Comment icon #3 Posted by PsiSeeker on 21 April, 2012, 17:08
"A study by scientists found that individuals could be better at problem solving on their own, as long as they were confident in their own answers." When they attempted to answer in groups, those who offered the right answer tended to be drowned out by more confident members who confused them or led them astray, the research found. Humans are conformist... It's only logical to assume that when the wrong answer is offered by a populace that is wrong, on average, then the result will be wrong, on average, regardless of the smaller percentage which hold the correct answer. The... [More]
Comment icon #4 Posted by Oen Anderson on 22 April, 2012, 4:08
At a seminar one time the speaker said synergy is like if you have an idea and I have an idea we each only have one idea. But if we share our ideas we each now have two ideas. I spoke up and said, "Yes, we have your bad idea and my good idea, I think I'll keep my idea to myself thank you."
Comment icon #5 Posted by angi chiesa on 22 April, 2012, 6:17
Ok give me a difficult question to solve. Actually I believe that two heads are better than.A problem shared is a problem halved. So prof Asher gets his 10 minutes of glory spouting out so much nonsense.We get a lot of useless theories on unexplained - mysteries. Well at least I find them amusing.
Comment icon #6 Posted by jgorman628 on 27 May, 2012, 19:31
Two heads are great but one head generally is much more decisive. If you don't truly believe in what you're doing you will not put as much effort into it. Doesn't play well with others.
Comment icon #7 Posted by WilliamW on 28 May, 2012, 0:16
Comment icon #8 Posted by Lookitisoneofthosepeople on 30 May, 2012, 13:15
Cash Cab! You have to love when the person with the right answer is steered away by others to a wrong answer and they lose lol. I do like seeing people win though. Maybe because I think it could be me. So let me get this right, the person who has the right answer but is unconfident will get drowned out by those with the wrong answer but who have more confidence? So is confidence the key to success or what? It seems to help with everything else, having people tell you yes, getting dates, clearing that hurdle you cannot see, etc...
Comment icon #9 Posted by keninsc on 30 May, 2012, 13:57
There's an old adage in engineering circles, "You know what an elephant is? It's a mouse designed by a committee." You simply don't get the great leaps forward in technology because too many people will want to play it safe and new designs require risk and the ability to accept the negative consequences when it doesn't work out the way you thought it might.

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