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EVP features in new movie "White Noise"

Posted on Saturday, 1 January, 2005 | Comment icon 7 comments

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"Remember the little girl in Poltergeist, transfixed by the ghostly voices coming through the TV set after the channel went off the air? That was EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon, and itís the paranormal premise of White Noise, Michael Keatonís spooky new film coming to theatres Jan."

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Comment icon #1 Posted by ROGER on 1 January, 2005, 17:23
Since I first heard of EVP a few mounths ago, I have surfted a half a dozen sights on the subject. The acumulated audio files are exstensive, though the quality leaves some thing to be disirerd. Now I have dabbled in electronics and radio since CB,s became popular in the early 70 s and know that harmonic signals bleed through a range of freqencies. Proximity of the trammitter and reciever also affects bleed over. I have also noticed two way radios effect electonic meters when close. I think that if these signals are from the beyond, the shielding for stray signals may block the signals yo... [More]
Comment icon #2 Posted by JennRose on 1 January, 2005, 17:31
I've been searching around for some "true" examples of EVP when I heard about the movie. When you read the transcipts of the dialogue, and then hear the actual recording, it seem like the researchers are REALLY grasping. All I hear are some garbled, distorted sounds.
Comment icon #3 Posted by mk_ultra on 1 January, 2005, 20:34
Have ya tried:'re regular guests on The Coast to Coast radio show and have some of the best evp I have ever heard. I agree with you on the fact that the researchers sometime try to hard to figure out the words being spoken but with the GIS some are so clear there is no doubt that what they interpret them saying is indeed what is being said. The thing about the GIS is that they have no motive to fake the recordings, they don't sell anything and the website is 100% free which in my books adds credibility to their cause.I used to think evp was kind ... [More]
Comment icon #4 Posted by JennRose on 1 January, 2005, 21:15
Thanks, mk. I've listened to several on the first link. Some of them are quite good...better than the ones I had found on my own.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Elfstone810 on 2 January, 2005, 0:16
Years ago, shortly after I got out of college, I was sitting in my living room reading and listening to a tape on my old stereo (cassette, this was before DVDs). The tape ended and I was engrossed in my book and didn't think to get up and turn off the stereo. Suddenly a strange voice started coming out of nowhere, clear as a bell. Startled the heck out of me!Somehow my stereo was picking up half of a CB conversation about fixing a truck and going fishing. gI don't know what to think about evps. Never tried it myself. Some of the tapes I've heard sound like voices (usually ... [More]
Comment icon #6 Posted by regmanabq on 2 January, 2005, 7:26
I had the same problem at first. There are a lot of Class B and C EVP that you just can't make out or sound different to different people. But then I came across some that are amazing. I even found one dubbed "Best Damed EVP Ever" and I have to admit, it is very clear what he says and people can all agree. I still don't know what EVP is caused by, could be spirits or time travel or a whole slew of other things, but it sure is facinating!
Comment icon #7 Posted by ROGER on 4 January, 2005, 6:24
That was a great EVP! I know of a Paranormal Investigator who works out of Burlington Wi. I think I'll see what she has on this also. I have a lot of time on my hands right now, and I think I see my new Hobby! Later guy's!

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