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Project Paperclip: Dark side of the Moon

Posted on Wednesday, 23 November, 2005 | Comment icon 6 comments

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"Sixty years ago the US hired Nazi scientists to lead pioneering projects, such as the race to conquer space."

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Comment icon #1 Posted by STIX on 23 November, 2005, 22:40
wow I can't believe the germans were so smart... it really makes you wonder how they can justify those autrocities to themselves... I mean, they couldn'tve thought it was entirely right doing what they were doing... like... deep down I mean... did they really know it was wrong?
Comment icon #2 Posted by Dr_Strangelove on 24 November, 2005, 3:16
Sure they knew it was wrong; some of them simply believed they would never be held accountable for their actions. They figured they would either win or be dead. Some eventually even figured they would get away with it by escaping or buying their way out with their knowledge. The fact is some did escape and it looks more and more like some did buy their way out.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Pharoah on 24 November, 2005, 6:04
Of course the Germans were smart.Well, the Russians were also. Especially compared to the U.S.We spent billions of dollars to try to make a pen that worked in space. The Russians used a pencil...
Comment icon #4 Posted by Mauritania on 24 November, 2005, 13:10
Well I don't believe the Nazi had Stealth bombers. At the time, only one nation in the world had radar and the Nazis did'nt know that they had it.Also the exact quote:"NASA spent billions of dollars, tens of years and failed to try to make a pen that worked in space. The Russians used a pencil...It is ofcourse untrue...they did manage to invent one."
Comment icon #5 Posted by Dr_Strangelove on 24 November, 2005, 14:37
Actually the German's did have radar during the Second World War. Nobody during the war had 'Stealth' technology but part of the eventual basis for the present day United State B-2 stealth bomber was the Second World War Horton's brothers HO-9 flying wing.
Comment icon #6 Posted by rane on 24 November, 2005, 18:47
mmmm the dark side of the moon is WONDERFUL to vacation at..yarr!!do you think those Germans have anything to do with the glass domes, and lunar cities existing there now?...what about the tracks, and weird statues...?what about the Star of David on the moon?? there is some freaky stuff up there!

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