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Two Books on Johor Bigfoot confirmed

Posted on Sunday, 14 May, 2006 | Comment icon 10 comments

Image credit: Patterson/Gimlin
"Two books containing colour pictures of "Bigfoot" or Orang Lenggor and written by separate groups will be published in a few months in an attempt to prove the existence of the creature which has created worldwide interest."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by IronGhost on 14 May, 2006, 14:25
I've been waiting on tenterhooks my entire life for some tangible proof that Bigfoot is real, but this information already sounds shakey. Why don't they publish their information in a peer-reviewed scientific paper? I think I know the answer: They want to make a lot of money with dubious books.I look forward to seeing these photographs -- but especially now days -- a photo just can't be trusted. It's not solid scientific proof.
Comment icon #2 Posted by DeathBringer on 14 May, 2006, 15:56
One word.... Money.
Comment icon #3 Posted by snuffypuffer on 14 May, 2006, 23:13
I want to see these pictures. Bet they are blurry and difficult to make out.
Comment icon #4 Posted by mfrmboy on 15 May, 2006, 0:14
Pictures are not proof, there is video and thats not proof.Just like the ufo pics and vids. These will haft to be some earth shattering photos to be considered proof.It does seem to be just another way to make money.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Unpro on 15 May, 2006, 3:09
bigfoot has now fallen to the local rent seeking, how much royalty are they paying the bigfoots?
Comment icon #6 Posted by snuffypuffer on 15 May, 2006, 3:56
It depends on who is taking the pictures. I bet if National Geographic put out a book on the Johor Bigfoot, it would get some sorely needed credibility. It's the whole way they're approaching this that makes everyone think it's a big load of crap.
Comment icon #7 Posted by mfrmboy on 15 May, 2006, 10:28
IT would be great to see National Geographic do a Johor Bigfoot special with live footage and all !From the way it sounds it seems like most everybody there has seen it.Its like they are all trying to cash in on it.If it seen so often then why arent there more pictures or video of it?
Comment icon #8 Posted by ancondatm on 15 May, 2006, 13:56
"National Geographic finds Bigfoot!"Now THAT'd be a convincing headline.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Unpro on 16 May, 2006, 0:50
guys, camera are a bit tad expensive in malaysia. But with the advent of camera phone, more people now have camera's handy.but that brings us back to blurry picture.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Frostea on 17 May, 2006, 17:03
what is with that. they are saying bigfoot exists but they are using picture they dont know how long ago or where they came from?if the creature is real and exists why not get a recent picture of it?....sounds pretty fishy to me .and on that note if your going to write a book on a subject as big as bigfoot which it's existance has never been proven. Im sure any respectable writer would go or have a team go and get some high quality images that the origin and the time is accounted for.

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