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Searching for signs of life after death

Posted on Wednesday, 2 August, 2006 | Comment icon 9 comments

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"Nearly every Friday night, a team of self-described ghost hunters hits the cemetery and spookiest spots in Tracy to look for signs of life after death."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by leeslaughtr on 2 August, 2006, 20:49
I am more than a believer the paranormal and have seen ghost on many occassion but ghost hunting is not a joke and alot of people don't know those spirits can follow you home and cause havoc. Yea there are skeptics but playing skeptic with ghost hunting and EVP will learn me. I hate everything has to be scientific in order for people to believe but it is what it is just research in what your doing.
Comment icon #2 Posted by cabezon on 2 August, 2006, 21:33
the story isnt very true because the information is very unexplained
Comment icon #3 Posted by I want to believe on 2 August, 2006, 21:45
Project Mayhem, reminds me of the movie Fight Club, had the same name in it. "Sir! First rule of Project Mayhem is that you don't ask questions!"
Comment icon #4 Posted by Hammys Teddy on 2 August, 2006, 23:02
The article says they havent had a face to face meeting with anything that even remotely resembles a ghost and IMHO they aint ever likely to either since such things don't exist.As for EVP, we live in a time where the airwaves are jammed packed with all kinds of audio signals from radio stations to mobiles phones to two way radios, Cb's and a host of other things. How do you eliminate all these things from what you've recorded.I have heard a load of so called EVP recordings which are supposedly voices from beyond, but how was this determined? by the place it was recorded i.e a gra... [More]
Comment icon #5 Posted by ZeroShadow on 2 August, 2006, 23:04
It's ok to be scientific with this type of thing. But when they say "Your own experiences are not scientific evidence" it gets annoying. I mean, no sh** it's not evidence for anyone else, but it sure as hell proves it to myself and don't give me that crap about "Halucinations, the human perception is flawed, etc...". That just shows me your trying your hardest to explain it away even though there's no way you can explain it because you do not know the experience itself.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Hammys Teddy on 4 August, 2006, 18:25
Why not? Does the truth bother you?? Would you rather bury your head in the sand and just believe you had some sort f 'paranormal' experience when there could wuite simply be some other explanation? And this just shows me, you have no interest in finding out the truth of an experience incase it contradicts what you want to believe.The simple fact that I have not shared or had the same experience you refer to does NOT make the experience any more real.See Im entitled to an opinion.Teddy.
Comment icon #7 Posted by ZeroShadow on 5 August, 2006, 3:59
The truth does not bother me at all. I just don't see those explainations good enough to explain away most experiences. That's just the easy way out. Just because someone has a bad memory, or mistakes a simple object for something else, doesn't mean that when they CLEARLY see a dead person walk right passed them, it was just in their head or an illusion.I'd rather believe what I know is true. If you know you wasn't halucinating, would you rather be closed minded and agree with a skeptic just because you don't want to look like a kook, or open up to the possabilty of wh... [More]
Comment icon #8 Posted by positron on 5 August, 2006, 4:05
Comment icon #9 Posted by ZeroShadow on 5 August, 2006, 4:06
^^^^ What was the point of that?

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