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Mystery creature on display in museum

Posted on Tuesday, 8 August, 2006 | Comment icon 30 comments

Image credit: stockxpert
"A mysterious creature known as "Little Doug" has been generating a lot if interest in the Hull maritime museum."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #21 Posted by woody82 on 16 August, 2006, 15:31
Does looka bit liek Alf lolAnyway my first thoughts were more so that it was like a horse but had something tryibng to get out eg a human hand if you look.
Comment icon #22 Posted by Spirit_Wolf on 18 August, 2006, 19:52
That thing looks just plain wrong. The head is horsey...and has anyone noticed it has a dolphinish tail? Freaky. I WANT TO GO SEE IT!
Comment icon #23 Posted by Cryptozoology:BELIEVE! on 4 August, 2007, 2:02
That is one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. I thought it was a horse but it has human-looking hands...WHAT IS IT!?!
Comment icon #24 Posted by Jonny Wonny on 4 November, 2007, 0:48
Looks like a water horse to me,A Kelpie maybe?
Comment icon #25 Posted by keithisco on 4 November, 2007, 2:03
Hmmm.... isnt Hull notorious for "inbreeding"?
Comment icon #26 Posted by the14u2cee on 4 November, 2007, 2:15
The color looks odd to me, why is it in sand? Bigger Picture.
Comment icon #27 Posted by el midgetron on 6 November, 2007, 1:27
Looks like a fake to me. If there was any chance of it being real, the owners would have had it x-rayed.
Comment icon #28 Posted by macddt on 11 November, 2007, 6:57
Good call on the Kelpie , but I think this is fake they would have made more money from the scientific community
Comment icon #29 Posted by Madeleine on 3 December, 2007, 21:55
HMmmmmmmmmmm in my opinion it looks like the guy from Shakesperes midsummer night dream that had a donkey head and ahuman body how weird!
Comment icon #30 Posted by ABrokenAngel on 3 December, 2007, 22:47
Am I missing something here? For one, look at the details of the "hand" it looks like someone took femo clay and made that. The nails are exceptionally large and they aren't hooked or sharp or anything like that. A natural animal doesn't normally have fingernails perfect for polishing. Also the thumb is all sorts of weird looking. Looks sort of like someone broke it. If you look at the jaw line of the creature, the bottom jaw looks very muppetish. And the proportions are all off in relation to the head/neck and the rest of the body.And I sure hope that the museum attempted to... [More]

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