Thursday, December 14, 2017
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'Jenglot' to be monitored 24/7

Posted on Monday, 18 September, 2006 | Comment icon 17 comments

Image credit: stockxpert
"Will it move or won’t it? This is what paranormal investigation group Seekers are determined to establish after bringing the now-famous ‘jenglot’ back to their Ampang headquarters for observation last Friday."

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 Source: Malay Mail

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by starlitkate on 19 September, 2006, 13:55
Ugh!! Running for the hills I'd be. That guy is nuts to being that close to them.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Tool Texas on 19 September, 2006, 14:37
Even the name sounds fake. If it was some type of vampire like creature i dont think that guy would be THAT close to them. I think its all a bunch of BS.
Comment icon #10 Posted by :PsYKoTiC:BeHAvIoR: on 19 September, 2006, 15:09
Even the name sounds fake. If it was some type of vampire like creature i dont think that guy would be THAT close to them. I think its all a bunch of BS. Just a bunch of people with lots of time in their hands and apparently craves media attention.
Comment icon #11 Posted by wcturnersr on 19 September, 2006, 15:54
Malaysia has a lot of weird stories. Seems like a new story every week or so.
Comment icon #12 Posted by snuffypuffer on 19 September, 2006, 17:39
Hey, I'm going to buy some creepy taxidermist's nightmare from some disreputable outlet and sit around waiting for it to move. Who's with me?
Comment icon #13 Posted by Shaftsbury on 19 September, 2006, 22:24
Wow! Those Jenglots are some ugly critters. They're like leeches from Hell or something! Come to think of it, they look like props from the movie series "Tremors" or "Aliens". Hmmm no it looks more like Mr. Hankey and his family, pity the poor fool who has to enter the room first. Reference:
Comment icon #14 Posted by KB8 on 20 September, 2006, 2:25
For some reason I want one of these things to move just so I can wach it on video and be like... Yeah....
Comment icon #15 Posted by Dranx on 7 September, 2010, 4:24
one way to make them move? cut off it's hands, see if it moves then :3
Comment icon #16 Posted by Eldorado on 7 September, 2010, 13:06
img src="" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="" border="0" alt="huh.gif" / What's a jenglot? a type of mysterious creature or vampire in Indonesian culture and mythology. It is described as looking much like a tiny, living human doll...
Comment icon #17 Posted by Abramelin on 7 September, 2010, 17:07
A Jenglot: a creature of Indonesian mythology. Nowadays carved out of wood, dressed in animal skin and hair to earn a buck or two from gullible Europeans, Australians and Americans. New Age people are there prime target; these people will just believe anything that fits into their daydreams. If I were an Indonesian guy with not much income, you bet I would do the same.

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