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9 billion-year-old ‘Dark Energy’ reported

Posted on Saturday, 18 November, 2006 | Comment icon 5 comments

Image credit: NASA/ESA/ESO
"A strange thing happened to the universe five billion years ago."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Shuriken on 18 November, 2006, 17:07
another piece of the puzzle suggesting, that our universe was indeed created artificialy by closly observed process.
Comment icon #2 Posted by blizno on 19 November, 2006, 19:50
Wow. I'm stunned that you could possibly have stretched that conclusion out of this story. Amazing.I hope you realize that "As if God had turned on an antigravity machine..." is somebody's attempt to be clever. Is that sentence what led you to your conclusion?
Comment icon #3 Posted by Shuriken on 19 November, 2006, 21:19
Comment icon #4 Posted by ROGER on 21 November, 2006, 1:05
I am with Shuriken on this one. The Schools tell us that the Brain and there fore the Mind of Man is Electro Chemical in nature. Not very powerful in the great scheme of things. Now the Universe is comprised of Very Large areas of Mater , Dark Mater, Energy , anti energy. All in quantities we still can not comprehend. So why can the Universe not organize this energy in to the equivalent of a Massive Mind. One that thinks and lives on a level we small humans can not understand. This (Hypothetical) Being would be as a God to us Small Humans. And if you look for a Grand Design in what we see ar... [More]
Comment icon #5 Posted by blizno on 21 November, 2006, 2:30
I understand that logic but an organizing mind is not needed. The universe makes sense, the little bit of it that we understand. We don't find any evidence of ghosts or gods. There's no reason to think that ghosts or gods are needed to explain the part of the universe that we don't understand yet. Furthermore, instead of looking for a "Grand Design", why not just observe the universe with an open mind? Observe something, gather as much information as you can, make hypotheses about the causes of the thing and then test your hypotheses. If your hypotheses are proven... [More]

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