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Indonesian fisherman catches 'living fossil'

Posted on Tuesday, 22 May, 2007 | Comment icon 12 comments

Image credit: Todd Huffman
"An Indonesian fisherman hooked a rare coelacanth, a species once thought as extinct as dinosaurs, and briefly kept the "living fossil" alive in a quarantined pool."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #3 Posted by rosenrot on 22 May, 2007, 20:14
I want one!! I have a 750 gallon tank to house it in. plllllleeaassseee
Comment icon #4 Posted by JayRob303 on 22 May, 2007, 20:18
The thing that I find most interesting, other than the fact that another one was caught, it the fact that the fish survived 17 hours in a shallow quarantine pool.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Dark_Ambient on 23 May, 2007, 0:36
This is good evidence that a creature like the loch ness monster could actually exist.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Dakotabre on 23 May, 2007, 1:04
I don't get it?.......If you do a google image search on the name of this fish, heaps of current pictures come up of them alive swimming in the ocean....But this article says they were thought to be extinct for 65 million years???
Comment icon #7 Posted by Unreality on 23 May, 2007, 1:54
The coelacanth (pronounced SEE-la-kanth) was believed to be extinct for 65 million years until one was found in 1938 off Africa's coast, igniting worldwide interest. Several other specimens have since been discovered, including another off Sulawesi island in 1998. They were once thought to be extinct, but not anymore.
Comment icon #8 Posted by jpjoe on 23 May, 2007, 2:03
These fishes are regularly caught in some remote areas. Locals just dont realize it.
Comment icon #9 Posted by L33TNerd on 23 May, 2007, 3:07
Dark Ambient, I was just going to say the same thing...I find it incredible that people can so easily laugh at sighting of the loch ness monster when this thing is starting to be caught regularly. And aren't we still seeing brand new images of newly-discovered deep-sea life every day on this site? Those who so easily scoff at Nessie witnesses are terribly ignorant.
Comment icon #10 Posted by SureFire on 28 May, 2007, 8:50
Yes, quite interesting. Really makes you think what if (about the Lochness)? And what are they going to pull up next from the ocean? I think its great how we've been on this earth, exploring and such, but yet we turn to space travel and exploration of other world before we even know ours fully.
Comment icon #11 Posted by psyche101 on 1 June, 2007, 7:24
Hey NessieHAHAHAHA ROFL, LOL LOL SCOF SCOFFThis is neither a new discovery nor a dinosaur. Great to have a specimen to study, shame we had to kill it to do so.Interesting news. I would love to see one.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Tejina on 5 July, 2007, 5:38
Gee... will the next big find be found... or find us.Please don't let it be a huge shark... I really don't wanna see some prehistoric looking shark on TV. *Huggles a cute little robot plushie*

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