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'First west Europe tooth' found

Posted on Sunday, 1 July, 2007 | Comment icon 1 comment | News tip by: Waspie Dwarf

Image credit: CC 3.0 Fastily
"Scientists in Spain say that they have found a tooth from a distant human ancestor that is more than one million years old."

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Cebrakon on 2 July, 2007, 6:13
Waspie Dwarf, I wonder if this species just looked human? Did they act human? Once can trace back people who looked human but didn't act it to 200,000 years in S. Africa. Of course, this Iberian specimen would beat that. I wonder if humans might have developed in Europe rather than Africa? The explosion of art, culture, metaphysics, cultural styles, spoken language, very long range trading patterns, use of bone and antler as tools, the invention of the harpoon and the sewing needle can only be traced back to about 45,000 years, I believe.~~Cebrakon

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