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Debunking the Phoenix Lights flare theory

The flare theory is by far the most common theory and the official explanation for the Phoenix Lights.


Recent comments on this video
Comment icon #29 Posted by booNyzarC on 29 April, 2011, 23:37
Would you mind pointing me to any of the analyses which you believe have successfully refuted the Maccabee analysis? Because I haven't seen one yet. Or perhaps you can share with me what is incorrect about Maccabee's analysis? Thanks S2F. That means a lot to me man.
Comment icon #30 Posted by AlienDan on 30 April, 2011, 1:17
I copied several frames from the video and put them together, did some stabalizing in photoshop to keep the ground level, and you can clearly see that the "lights" are descending and moving just like flares. They are not staying in one place like people seem to think. Flares.
Comment icon #31 Posted by booNyzarC on 30 April, 2011, 3:55
Very impressive AlienDan! Further analysis which confirms the flare conclusions previously made. Why is it that when people actually take the time to analyze this stuff they come up with the same conclusions and the people that try to perpetuate the mythology of mystery around this video evidence don't bother to analyze anything or actually address the analyses which dispel the mystery?
Comment icon #32 Posted by mcrom901 on 30 April, 2011, 4:26
cheers boon.... i don't think your initial video link is re the '97 sighting.... check here.... n here is mitch stanley with his scope...
Comment icon #33 Posted by booNyzarC on 30 April, 2011, 5:05
Awesome information mcrom, thanks man. I've seen clips from that Terry video before, but I've never seen this Discovery piece and to see him describe it helps quite a bit. And the picture of Mitch Stanley with his telescope is awesome too, I'm tired of linking to the wiki images. Oh, and by the way, I still haven't seen any waterfall in that other picture. I couldn't find Waldo either, but I really looked hard to find either. I'll go back and review it in detail again, I assure you...
Comment icon #34 Posted by Wookietim on 30 April, 2011, 5:23
I am only quoting portions of these pages, however there is other points to consider on the links as well. : In reference to your mention of Mitch stanley and his witness testimony that they were planes : - I will also point out that if a formation of planes were flying without a flight plan that this would constitute a rather major event even in the pre-9/11 world and would have kicked off an investigation whether or not people asked for Radar records or not. Where are the arrests? To return to the argument of flares : : This is just to present a sliver of the discussion a... [More]
Comment icon #35 Posted by booNyzarC on 30 April, 2011, 6:21
This link of yours is to the Bill Hamilton and Tom King analysis. Maccabee responded to this analysis . In particular, the quote you extracted has to do with the coloration of the lights as seen by the naked eye (but ironically, not captured on video...) which were of a golden or orange hue. Maccabee responded as follows: Maccabee offers the possibility that light traveling through the atmosphere could be reddened by dust and moisture in the atmosphere. Certainly, depending on what is in the atmosphere, this is definitely possible. That doesn't mean it happened that particular ni... [More]
Comment icon #36 Posted by Wookietim on 30 April, 2011, 16:52
So, to sum up your response : While you admit to response Maccabee made to the questions is complex you have essentially decided that only Maccabee is correct and there are no possible arguments against him. May I point out that you are treating his analysis the same way that extremely religious people treat the bible? "Only his analysis is correct, only he can be listened to, everyone else is wrong" in other words... And, by the way, I have endeavored to remain very polite and respectful when talking to you. your sarcasm is not really welcome. Therefore you will be ignored.
Comment icon #37 Posted by booNyzarC on 30 April, 2011, 17:54
You are familiar with the term falsification, yes? For Maccabee's analysis to be disconsidered, it would need to be adequately falsified. It hasn't been. Not by anyone that I'm aware of. The other analyses that you've presented have been falsified. There is no religious likeness to this. By all means, if you can adequately falsify the analysis that he has presented and replace it with a more accurate analysis, I would accept it. I'm not attached to Maccabee's conclusions for any other reason than the fact that his explanation best matches with the video evidenc... [More]
Comment icon #38 Posted by booNyzarC on 30 April, 2011, 18:35
You could composite some pictures to show an alien spaceship from betelguese, funny how sarcasm swings both ways. But just to add a little more clarity on this particular point... the picture you presented includes more of the lights from the K video array than my animated GIF because the animated GIF only includes the last part of the video showing 6 of the 9 lights as they disappear from view behind the mountains. The picture you presented is from an earlier point in the video (not included in the GIF) before the right-hand lights had disappeared behind the mountains. The intention o... [More]

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