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Hiker catches Bigfoot on film ?

A hiker uploaded this footage to Youtube showing a strange figure walking across in the background.


Recent comments on this video
Comment icon #93 Posted by kitco on 16 July, 2011, 20:46
too far away to make a claim like that!, it could very well be Bigfoot but it is not definitive enough, and I am pretty sure that would have cought her eye, and if it were me, I would start running after it for a better shot! my conclusion is a guy in a suit!
Comment icon #94 Posted by kitco on 16 July, 2011, 20:53
.700 Nitro Express is A Elephant gun! I use a .45-70 Gov. Which is just under a 50 cal, with 70 grains of powder, but I can make hot loads with 80 grain's, 1 shot with my .45-70 would kill anything in the North American Wild, and I mean ANYTHING! Unfortunatly my only experience with bigfoot was like looking for a shadow, he was there but I couldnt find him, like he was a ghost! I heard him whistle like a bird, and I whistled back and I heard a grunt like it was suprised, so me and my gun went running toward the sound but the forest was so dence you couldnt see 10 feet infron... [More]
Comment icon #95 Posted by vitruvian12 on 17 July, 2011, 1:40
If you heard a whistle like a bird wouldnt it be more reasonable to assume that it was in fact a bird?
Comment icon #96 Posted by LadyPhoenix on 14 August, 2011, 11:47
The one with the running Bigfoot was, I believe, a Monster Quest episode. Those are hard to locate online, but you can try. There are some up on YouTube. I don't remember who did the other one, though it's HIGHLY likely that was Monster Quest as well. Will try and locate them - reminder post would be good! Very interesting videos, both. Still hunting for them online. Best bet for now, check for what you can locate on the History channel site, or YouTube. 45 minute episodes. Will ask a family member later on if he knows which ones these were.
Comment icon #97 Posted by LadyPhoenix on 14 August, 2011, 11:50
Doesn't show what methods they used to be sure they were int he right location. Pretty shoddy attempt, IMO. Compared to the one I saw, for certain. That man was NOT in a costume, and he could not make the run at anything like the same speed. Professional athlete, too. Still hunting for the video links for that and the other. Will post when I locate. "Fact or Faked" debunks everything, though, so I don't really trust their impartiality.
Comment icon #98 Posted by vitruvian12 on 14 August, 2011, 15:07
Didnt the people who filmed it show them exactly where they were? I think the show is usually pretty weak but in that episode I think they showed pretty clearly it was well within a normal persons ability to run that distance in the same time.
Comment icon #99 Posted by Ferus on 19 August, 2011, 3:39
As for the original video, that 'bigfoot' was clear enough that they would have seen it, at least the cameraman and they would have been freaked.
Comment icon #100 Posted by truebeliever70535 on 21 September, 2013, 23:46
I think they would have notice it,I think it's a hoax
Comment icon #101 Posted by keninsc on 22 September, 2013, 5:20
Well, in fairness to the camera man and others, if you're not really looking for one, then the chances of missing one goes up tremendously.
Comment icon #102 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps on 23 September, 2013, 23:14
looks phony

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